Tyron Woodley Reacts To Kim Kardashian Defending Kanye’s Slavery Comments | The Hollywood Beatdown


  1. Slavery was a net benefit for Black Americans. Their ancestors got free clothes, food, education, etc, in exchange for menial physical labor. Fact is how many blacks do you see trying to go back to Africa because America is supposedly so racist? It's a joke.

  2. Feeling the memories is the 400 he speaks of holding back people.
    You guy's knew he's just saying words that you can spin.
    Call him ask him what he is really talking about.

  3. TMZ I saw the whole interview u played only a clip a tried to demonize Kanye not cool at all I see why pusha t don't fuck with u

  4. Not defending what he said but from what I understand he’s trying to say that slavery went on for to long. They should have stood up and stopped it themselves. But we don’t know what they went through and how difficult it was.

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