TONY SCHIAVONE Talks MLW Return, WWE Commentary, WCW Demise And More!

Solomonster chats with legendary WCW, WWE and current MLW announcer TONY SCHIAVONE about his return to wrestling and a bunch of other topics:

*MLW’s first live TV special this Friday in Miami
*The eerie similarities between Brian Pillman, Jr. and his famous father
*Thoughts on the main problem plaguing WWE commentary today
*Why the one year he spent working for Vince McMahon was the fondest of his career
*The final WCW Monday Nitro and why he was relieved when it was over
*Why Vader is the greatest big man in wrestling history
*Why it’s way easier doing play-by-play for baseball than it is for wrestling
*His “What Happened When” podcast with Conrad Thompson and how it came about


  1. Tony is the man thank you great video from the best channel on utube thank you keep up the good work . he was the best on the sat show on tbs super station. that was the good old days

  2. Tony schiavone you should join nxt. It will be great to see you call out a nxt takeover main event.

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