Time management tips – Coach Zahabi talks about his routines and how he manages his time!


  1. This is amazing! I've recently been working on figuring out how to get "hyper-efficient" based on Dr Jordan B. Peterson's advice. But Coach Zahabi is more of a personal role model so it's great to hear how he plans his day out properly and keeps to a full schedule. Personally I am happier after a day where I've managed to pack in a lot. Thanks for uploading these extracts "button pusher" (and Coach Zahabi for recording)!

  2. I'm the opposite, i hate being in a tight schedule. I need freedom to react to opportunities and have space for when sudden problems arise. I'm way too impulsive to follow a schedule, whenever I try to I just feel trapped until i break away from it. wingin' it! lol. the way I 'manage time' is just to track what I've been doing and make sure I've touched base on my goals and responsibilities. I can't plan what I'm going to be doing because it's always a little different, even if my goals are still the same. for instance, sometimes i work out in the morning, sometimes in the evening, as long as i do it I'm happy with my day.

  3. Man it's really fascinating to have a peak at how you're thinking… I kinda feel I'm obsessed by time too, but I'm also very hard with myself and always feel like I end up wasting time… for example writing this very comment makes me feel bad (but at least I'm writing to Firas, which can't be considered as a waste of time entirely). We have 30 000 days to live; that's the average lifetime. If you're not obsessed by making valuable every minute of your life, you just haven't realized the shortness of it.

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