The Church Of What’s Happening Now: #645 – Joey Diaz and Lee Syatt


  1. "You've been seeing trees since you were fucking three, so what it's got lights on it?"

  2. I feel guilty every christmas and the only people I know that feel that way I have lost someone. I just dont feel happy at Christmas and it's really nice to know someone else has the same emotion about the holidays. Love you guys. You save me at work every week.

  3. Happy Holydaze you bunch a momos. Here's to a tremendous 2019 and happiness at every corner.

  4. I think anyone who didn't really have a family Christmas growing up that was steady doesn't like the holidays. I hate Christmas it feels like. I'm glad its over,

  5. Damn, this reminds that when I was 12 I explicitly asked my parents not to give me presents anymore for Christmas/my birthday. My birthday happens in the same week as the 25th so by the time Christmas was over all of the "spirit" was gone. It was depressing as hell for young me so I called it off. Celebration/ceremony makes me uncomfortable to this day, I feel ya Joey.

  6. Tio joey,
    I see the effort of this poscast!!! Appreciate it man. Hopefully the common sense you preach is understandable to all humans!!! Happy holidays boss

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