The Church Of What’s Happening Now: #645 – Joey Diaz and Lee Syatt


  1. (im 27) I had one of the worst Xmases ever, had a fight with my girlfriend and we didnt get to even do the xmas tree after sort of making up, because I got a call that my grandfather died, I dont even love him (cheated on grandma while she was dying etc.) but my father is mourning that piece of shit which pains me to see him and his brothers suffering (piece of shit didnt even ensure he would be buried next to my fathers mother, which is an extra dose of pain for my father), now I'm away from my girlfriend after driving my dad and im waiting for a few days until the funeral, expecting to see horrible drama and grief, only to return to maybe the ending of my relationship

    I can find some momentary distraction from all this bullshit listening to joey talk about life and give lee advice and just talk, its like opening an immersive book

    happy holidays!

  2. This is what I like to see. No bullshit comedian or someone I don't care about talking the entire podcast. Just good conversation between Joey and Lee.

  3. Best way to eat a cupcake is to tear it in half flip the top where the icing is in the middle keeps it out of the stache

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