RECAP Lee vs Iaquinta 2 | Canelo vs Fielding | White vs De La Hoya | Ep 111 Podcast | BELOW THE BELT

Brendan recaps Lee vs Iaquinta 2, Canelo vs Fielding, Chandler vs Primus 2, Bellator Hawaii and talks breaking MMA & boxing events/news, Cain Velasquez’s return, Dominick Cruz injured again, Scott Coker on UFC 233 cancellation, Dana White and Oscar De La Hoya’s public feud, Brendan meeting Logan Paul and guesting on his podcast, great sushi, creepy mall Santa’s, the new animated Spider-Man, fan questions and much more!


  1. Sub to raging als podcast lol he's funny guy way he talks and he called out conor he thinks he should fight him before conor gets a rematch

  2. Brendan for fuck sake I cannot believe how much you wanked Logan Paul off this podcast….. man come on your fans don’t tune in to listen to this shit you are better than that. And by the way I don’t hate the guy but you put the persona out that your an asshole act like an asshole on your channel or content people are going to treat you like an asshole. Now I’m one of those guys commenting lol but just giving an opinion not hate

  3. Brendan Saint Nicholas aka Santa is a real person but idk why they changed his name to Santa Claus. He's based off the real person who parents died when he was young and they left him a lot of money. So he dedicated his life to kids and the sick so they never had to be lonely like he was.

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