83 Weeks #34: Starrcade 1998

On this week’s 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson, they follow last week’s controversial episode by talking about a show that may have had an even MORE controversial ending! Hear all about the ending of Goldberg’s streak by Kevin Nash, why and how that came about, why Nash was chosen for the spot, where Hogan fit in and more! Plus talk about Bischoff’s match against Ric Flair, the heart attack angle that preceded it, and Eric kissing Ric’s then wife! Also, talk about Billy Kidman and the WCW Cruiserweight Division, Perry Saturn, Konnan vs. Chris Jericho, DDP vs. The Giant, contracts expiring around that time in WCW, The Sandman joining the company, and Scott Steiner and Scott Hall’s vehicular incidents!


  1. 1997 they destroyed any hope for the WCW, with Sting.
    1998 it was a Goldberg.
    How is Eric going to weasel out of this one?
    There are no tanning bed excuses here.

  2. Already listened to this on TuneIn radio app, 83 weeks always available every week on Monday from 6am GMT on TuneIn App! I have listened to every episode of 83 weeks and let me tell u that these last two are very insightful and really something quite special! Now I am really looking forward to finding out how Brutus the F'n Barber Beefcake main-evented Starrcade 1994, and Big Van Vader opened up the show in a shitty U s title match. Either Eric doesn't recall,. or let me guess it was all Kevin Sullivan's fault! Keep up the good work guys!

  3. Looking forward to the show, would love to hear you cover Starrcade 1994 in the future

  4. you beat Goldberg with a screwjob finish to protect him, especially since Nash was turning heel with the NWO in 1999. Nash couldn't beat Goldberg clean so he needed help from Scott Hall.

  5. If Goldberg beats Nash at Starrcade, they had no one left. They weren't going to have Bam Bam beat him or Hogan again. The problem was they didn't have Goldberg win it back soon after.

  6. Goldberg never had a real Opponent. He just run over all Guys, even the Big Names.
    Sting should have win against Hogan clean and hold the title a few month.
    The NWO should have broke up and at the End Hogan is still alone and fight a last time against goldberg. NWO is finished.
    Then you had a big chance for a Feud Sting against Goldberg. At the same Time DDP got over and Bret Hart too. 4 Way Dance with new and old Members.

  7. Man, this Card was so weak! 🤷🏼‍♂️ What the hell, was they thinking. Bret Hart was in my opinion the top heel at the time, hurting everybody, great US Champion and wasn’t even on the card. 🤦🏼‍♂️ Nash was always cool, but never a World Champion. Goldberg vs Hogan should have been the Main Event. Hogan wins through inference from Bret Hart. Bret Hart feuds with Goldberg, after that booomm Hart vs Hogan (why this dream Match was never a PPV Main Event?!!!!) They gave us that on a Nitro to double turn Bret. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  8. Kevin Nash was absolutely not believable as the guy who beat him. Like really? Nash? Why? ZOMG HEZ BIG AND STRONG!

    Bullshit. Strength and size being the thing to neutralise everything Goldberg brought to the table makes no sense. Especially consider weeks prior to this Goldberg was squashing the biggest man in wrestling (The Giant) weeks prior.

    …and no, you don’t end something like the streak with a screwy finish. It should be clean.

    Finally…the crowd reaction justifies nothing. The crowd popped huge at Hogan winning at WM 9 as well. Doesn’t mean it was the right way to go.

    The streak should have ended at the hands of DDP with the Diamond Cutter. That move and it’s ability to be hit out of no where makes sense and it would have made DDP a full fledged main event we when it still mattered.

  9. I thought the original idea was okay because it was a believable for someone to go down from being shocked. The problem was the follow up with the finger poke of doom. So it is funny that Bitchoff is bashing Vince Russo again in this episode when his follow up was garbage just like the follow up to sting the year before was garbage.

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