15-Year Old Boy Violently Bullied in the UK — Justice for Jamal

We don’t know Jamal, but we do know that no one deserves to be treated like this. Help us bring Jamal and his family to California, so if it ever happens again, he’ll be ready!

We will be donating our time to train Jamal. 100% of the funds generated will be spent on covering the travel expenses. If there is any surplus it will be donated to Jamal’s family.

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  1. So far around $200k has been raised for him back in the UK, so unlike many other UK kids that get bullied at least he will be rich now

  2. Way more to the story. Be careful giving this kid tools to fight with.

  3. Only this Jamal together with three girls beaten a girl who had to leave the school. And that boy, the one who grabbed Jamal has been threatened with murder and people want to stab him.So why media and you protest when Jamal is grabbed and nobody protested when a girl was beaten blue by Jamal?

  4. Y'all are so dope for this. Hopefully you guys can take in more people from closer locations. Jiu jitsu has the power to prevent a lot of this bullying. Especially for kids.

  5. You guys do so many good things for victims of bullying out there but definatly need to look into things more.
    This lad has already recieved over 150k off gofundme donations and isnt as innocent as mainstream media makes out. Been acused of bullying himself and attacking girls at his school.
    Whilst the aggressor in the video has recieved numerous death threats to him and his family and has been having gangs of “bearded” men turn up at his house and school. Are you going to fly him over and give him some training for next time he sticks up to a bully in school?

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