Would GINO HERNANDEZ Have Been A Star In WWE?


  1. Technically Gino did overdose, but that's because the dealers he pissed off gave him a "hot" dose.

  2. Gino is a lot like Kerry in that he could have been so huge in wwf if he hadn't been so lost in his addictions that they overtook him.

  3. I think Vince would have taken him, just for his promo skills alone and the heel heat he could generate. I think he would have done well, I think his character in WWE would have been comparable to Rick Rude.

  4. No he wouldn't..why the fuck do people keep asking this question? WWE does not make stars, they dont want stars. Stop asking this stupid fucking question. With the loaded ass roster they have, they cant draw shit right now, what the fuck would another guy change.

  5. Gino was a great wrestler but in the WWF in the mid 80s was basically cartoon wrestling geared towards kids every body had some kind of character gimmick. There's always the possibility he could have gotten over but I doubt it.

  6. Gino Hernandez would have been a excellent horsemen after all he use to team with Tully Blanchard.

  7. Gino was a stud. Gino had the ability and the potential to become even better than he already was. I think Gino Hernandez would've done well in the World Wrestling Federation, as a heel to start. There is a number of Wrestlers with personas that reminded me of Gino. Sure, Ric Flair, "Ravishing" Rick Rude, "The Model" Rick Martel, "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig, among others. Gino had that hot shot heel arrogance and charisma, and he had the look. I was actually thinking about Shawn Michaels in his early years in the mid 1980's before his "Sexy Boy/Heartbreak Kid" persona on television went to the moon and he was still a bit tame on the mic. Gino definitely had flash, he wasn't a small guy and he really could wrestle.

  8. I remember watching WCCW on Channel 66 in Chicago when I was little. Gino was the truth & he would've been better in NWA.

  9. Gino was fantastic and you loved hating him. He was loud like Flair but hatable like Tully. He wouldn't have fit in the WWF at that time, but he'd be perfect for Crockett and Watts' UWF.

  10. The WCCW was on either ESPN or I think the Sports Network. I grew up in NY and remember trying to find it because they were bouncing them around every year.
    So many talents in there that I always wondered what happened to them after WCCW became USWA

  11. The Colossal Halfbreed! What a talent! Him and David Von Erich were the best talents of World Class

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