Tyron Woodley Says Ben Askren Is Going To Destroy Every UFC Fighter | The Hollywood Beatdown

Tyron Woodley, UFC Welterweight Champion, is back in the TMZ newsroom to beat yo a**! We’re only joking, Tyron came in ready to break down the massive UFC news regarding Demetrious Johnson and the potential trade that might go down with ONE MMA. Also, Woodley discusses why Logan Paul will definitely be fighting in the UFC…after all, Logan already has one fight to his name.


  1. Tyler Woodley is a bad motherfuker why are you on this show Watch Jesse Peterson and wake up I know it's all about the money but why not help out the culture

  2. Did he just call him self a snitch?
    "Stitches for the snitches”

  3. C'mon Tyron you know damn well CM punk cannot fight in the UFC . He ma be your friend but keep it real also he's acting out in WWE and is not the same as real fighting. Also Ben's stand up sucks and GSP would destroy him. All Tyron is doing is defending the ppl close to him.

  4. Woodley is a goof doing TMZ shit. Guess he is hard up for cash. Well if you can't be a man like McGregor and fight for a living I guess you can gossip for a living

  5. I would beg to differ big time. There is a big difference between Bes Wrestling and the Wrestling of Khabibs.. but there is an even bigger difference between the pound of Khabibs and the tapping of Ben's. I think wrestling alone will get him on top. I want to see his standup and ability to what they dont teach you in any other facet of mma….getting hit. I want to see his reaction after getting corked by a Robbie Lawler right or a Steven Thompson spinner. This hype isnt warranted…who has he beaten other then no one. Time will tell motormouth.

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