Sneaky D’Arce Choke – NYC Variation!


  1. I am LOVING Gracie Combatives!!!
    I've trained jits and even though this is true, this program has still been teaching me more, because of the curriculum, and structure.
    I have a newb with me and he is Loving it as well.
    Thank you so very much.

  2. Love your enthusiasm Rener,would love to train with you ,I come from a karate background but recently been dabbling in my jujitsu,I live in Scotland,is there a Gracie gym in glasgow ,keep up the good work,also my son has a request,hes 13 and training mma also,he would like your opinion of his tornado kick,if you type in Quintens tornado kick you will see it,thanks again for your videos👍

  3. 1 – I’m not sure if there is a CTC in Toronto, ON Canada but if not, then we definitely need one there!

    2 – I cannot wait for Rener’s 2 day seminar in Toronto next month!

    3 – I don’t need any pre workout supplements or any energy drinks before I train. All I need is to watch a Gracie Breakout vid and the #Renergy from that alone is enough to energize me for class/training!

  4. oh, it's an ad for the NY school 0 the d'arce stuff doesn't start tilll 2:22

  5. Energy level turned to 11. The Spinal Tap of Jiu Jitsu. The Billy Mayes of Jiu Jitsu. I love it.

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