Nick Diaz is back…


  1. I love nick diaz, a gangsters gangster. I kinda wish it was nick that fought conor but he was suspended. They are fairly equal in skill it should be a fun one.

  2. Diaz would have trouble with Masvidal on his best day and I'd imagine his best day is long gone. Masvidal is technically a better striker and if Mia could not submit him i doubt Diaz will. With all that been said ill believe this fight is on when they are trading blows. 👊 Fingers crossed

  3. Love Nick and Nate but they have missed so much time don’t know if they can break the top 5 I hope so but things have changed everybody’s good these days

  4. Nick diaz is back, interesting news but you set that aside.. the question is when is Chael gonna come back to defend his bellator heavyweight belt

  5. Eddie Bravo, he`s trying to save all your life`s, did you not know were all walking meat balls by 2021 ?.

  6. Great news that Nick is back. Should be a great fight. How about McNugget vs. CM Punk on the undercard?

  7. Chael: "You know when I called it?! TWO THOUSAND …" Brain: " … YEARS AGO and I have it on HD video."

  8. when these two stare each other down they're going to fade from existence like Back to the Future. The same person cannot be at the same place at the same time!

  9. Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to say he won a moral victory vs the cable, after that same cable ankle picked him as soon as they closed distance…

  10. What if mcgregor vs Nate Diaz was to headline and then nick Diaz vs masvidal as the co-main.

  11. I am ecstatic that Nick is going to attempt a come back. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Diaz brothers. Win or lose those boys are warriors and all heart.

  12. Tony Ferguson the type of guy that makes people type these kinds of comments every fucking where

  13. Tony Ferguson the type of guy to ask Chael just where does Kevin Lee fit into all of this

  14. You can't say he's back until he's made it to the fight. Nate didn't make it to his fight because of his attitude, the lay off for Nick has been much longer. Nick is a drunken Street fighter now. Even with Poirier injured, Nate could have fought a replacement. They both are salty inactive bums. At least Conor came back and fought the current best lightweight in the sport

  15. Why nobody in this channel comment section is discussing the actual topic of the video? It's all ferguson and kevin lee memes

  16. I would love to Nick back it hard. No fing around just getting back to business.

  17. What’s with the weird shoulder movements by that guy sparring behind Chael?

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