Listing The Greatest LONG-TERM Storylines In WWE History!


  1. Here are some that were not mentioned that I really enjoyed. I really enjoyed the Mickey James and Trish stratus viewed. Probably one of the best women’s feuds I have ever seen. Rock and Mandkind from enemies to Mick wanting to be Rocks friend and Rock slowly starting to like him. Just awesome stuff. The rivalry between The Dudley’s, the Hardee’s and edge and Christian. I could honestly go on for a while. WWE doesn’t do these storylines anymore because they think the crowd has a short attention span something. But I never bought that to be the case. When they actually put effort into doing a long-term story line they do it really well. I want more of it again.

  2. WWE fabricating Cena to be this polarizing and controversial figure when in reality he was just average was the best long term story line loool.

  3. The invasion angle… wwf vs wcw/ecw…The biggest companies that defined wrestling in the late 90s…Some of the greatest superstars ever….

    Oh wait…. That didn't happen….*sigh*

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