Listing The Greatest LONG-TERM Storylines In WWE History!


  1. Taker vs Kane had the best build and the roll Paul Bearer played n it was major

  2. Jericho and Christian 2002-2004. Started with them trying and failing to hook up with Trish, ends with Trish hooking up with Jericho for a bit but then dropping him for Christian. Literally transformed Trish in one night, Mania 20. Mid card perfection.

    Also Mickie vs Trish 2005-2006. Mickie starts off as a fangirl for Trish then you see her get more and more creepy and psycho. Then it just blows up at Mania 22 which in my opinion was one of their best matches.

  3. Austin/McMahon aside, Bret's slow burn heel turn is one of the best storylines in pro-wrestling history period, cause how eerily it mirrored the changing times of the 90s. Eddie's slow heel turn vs Mysterio is very underrated. And even though most people hated it, I personally loved that 2013-2014 year long Daniel Bryan storyline that WWE had to be dragged into doing, kicking & screaming, by the fans. Feel like it's the last long term storyline of any significance that they did and it ended with such a great payoff.

  4. cm punk and they half assed it. daniel bryan "yes yes yes" and "no no no" heel turn.

  5. My favorites:

    Summer of Punk until SummerSlam 2011

    Sheild vs Wyatt Family

    The end of the sheild

    Daniel Bryan vs aurhority

  6. Makes me wonder what would've happened at Wrestlemania 5 if they decided to keep the Mega Powers together

  7. Stephanie and Jericho perhaps? It was a Wrestling Rivalry but it certainly went on for a long time, Early 2000- WM 18 in 2002, it did help get both of them over with the crowd and nearly 20 years later it still comes back every once in a while in their promos.

  8. I'd say Undertaker vs Randy Orton in 2005. Started in March with the buildup to their WrestleMania match, took a bit of a break, then started back up again and went all through the summer. Randy's first big feud that got him over as a star and led to that Cell match at Armageddon which I still regard as one of the best ever. Undertaker vs Edge was another good one that was taking place both before and during the same time the Michaels/Jericho feud was going on. I followed SmackDown more at the time so this was the feud of the year for me. Though the Michaels/Jericho stuff was incredible in it's own right, this one had me more interested at the time.

  9. Underrated storyline : DDP vs Macho Man '97. Actually won PWI feud of the year, for 1997.

    Sting vs WCW vs NWO. ( WHO's side is he on angle from Oct '96-March '97.

  10. Austin vs McMahon
    Mega Powers
    Bret v Owen
    Jericho v HBK
    Gargano v Ciampa
    Daniel Bryan v The Authority
    Taker v Edge
    HBK v Taker (09-10)
    Zayn v Owens
    Becky v Charlotte
    Owens v Jericho
    Cena v AJ

  11. 12:02 That moment was kinda the beginning of Vince slowly becoming the Mr. McMahon character, leading up to the Montreal Screwjob where he was truly born. But I've always loved that promo from Bret that night, one of my favorites from him. Very memorable.

    Vince: "Bret Hart, you've got to be terribly frustrated, extremely frustrated about what just happened."
    Bret: shoves him to the ground "Frustrated isn't g**damn word for it, this is BULLSHIT!!"

  12. The Undertaker and Kane feud has got to be my all time favourite longterm storyline of all time, the buildup to Kane's debut was fantastic and featured some of Paul Bearer's best promo work, the way Paul teased it in June 97 about Taker having a sibling that was long to be thought dead and him talking about Taker setting the family funeral home which killed his parents was fantastic storytelling which eventually led to an unbeliveable payoff with one of the best debuts ever when Kane first showed up at In Your House: Bad Blood during the first ever hell in a cell match with Taker and HBK. It was so good and the buildup to Taker and Kane's first one on one match at WM14 was even better, we also got to see a more human side of the deadman when he refused to fight his brother and we actually got to hear his side of the story of what really happened or so we thought when Taker later on turned heel in October 1998 and revealed that he set the fire on purpose, this story had so many twists and turns at every corner. I would definitely put this one as the greatest.

  13. Terry Funk vs. Ric Flair was incredible. The western Hollywood star Funk was so cool facing the defending Ric Flair. Honestly, AJ Styles vs. John Cena was a good call back to that formula of a feud between workhorse and movie star baby face part-timer who put on killer matches. I also loved Randy’s heel work on HHH. The story was perfect, but they botched the Wrestlemania finish. Randy’s initial tour into his demented side was lovely. I bought into every devastating punt kick. That was all before they bored Randy out over time. Also, CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy was pretty nasty for its shoot quality and Punk coming into his own as a biting promo. And, because I have to, let’s not forget the Mega Powers or NWO and Sting.

    Edit: I couldn’t not mention Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels, the perfection of basic storytelling. Or debuting Kane vs. Undertaker: what a way to solidify a new star. Daniel Bryan vs. The Authority is worth noting. Honestly, Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens was fantastic, comic tragedy.

  14. Being realistic, I would say Austin v. McMahon number one. Mega-Powers saga number two. Undertaker and Kane number three. Well, it goes from there.

  15. The systematic separation of Evolution was obviously UP next once Randy Orton won the World Heavyweight Championship from Chris Benoit. So if Randy Orton doesn't win the Championship that night then everything would've been okay with Triple H and Evolution(??). I wasn't surprised at all that Triple H turned on each of them one by one. I think it showed how selfish and sneaky Triple H really was. The feud with Batista was more interesting because Trips was using more underhanded, manipulative, chickenS#!% tactics to try and avoid a match with Batista at Wrestlemania 21 for that Championship. I guess it made the best Business sense at the time because people probably really wanted to see that happen after how Triple H turned on Randy Orton. I don't think JBL wanted Batista to come after him at that time. Triple H made a good point about that if Batista did decide to challenge JBL for that Championship then Evolution would be the top Champions on both RAW and Smackdown. That would still be evolution but Triple H went about that all wrong and made it personal for Batista to challenge him instead. I like that Triple H was responsible for Stone Cold Steve Austin being hit by that car in late 1999. I like how Triple H was teasing being a babyface until he revealed himself as the Mastermind one year later.

  16. CM Punk becoming the "Voice of the Voiceless" and slowly becoming the top face of WWE, starting the Summer of Punk, regardless of the roadblocks from Vince and Co.

  17. Undertaker vs Kane to me is one the greatest feuds over the years. In 2010 Kane cut the promo on why he attacked Taker and I mean over the years clearly it wasn't planned to play out the way Kane described it as he had plotted over the years to tear down his brother. Masterful promo that didn't feel forced about how everything was put together. I know you mentioned the feud btw.

  18. Rey and Eddie great feud he never defeated rey until they had that steel cage match

  19. 11:18 I always agreed with that. I was honestly surprised how the crowd didn't sympathize with Bret. And speaking of, long before Punk had that great pipebomb moment voicing his frustrations with the company and Vince, Bret had that awesome promo. I honestly prefer Bret's promo over Punk's, Bret was a great heel, underrated IMHO. I was honestly cheering him on during that time. "Everybody in that g**damn dressing room knows I'm the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be, and if you don't like it, TOUGH SHIT!" Bret's heel work was so good. Remember when he put the figure four on Rocky Maivia on the turnbuckle?

  20. Austin HHH massively undderated and never ever gets talked bout. Austin dropping HHH from a car was awesome!

  21. Anyone remember the gimmick about the wreslter from the future? He appeared in WCW in the late 80's sometime, and was gone after a bit. He claimed to be from the year 2000.
    In 2000, WCW brought the gimmick back.
    Now that is long-term booking! <- no, not being completely serious
    I wish I could remember the name – I think it actually had the "2000" in it.

  22. What about with daniel bryan against the authority from summerslam 2013 to wrestlemania 30.

  23. The Rock vs Austin. Much like others on this list, the feud had it's downtime break over the years..But the feud it self practically ended at WM19 when The Rock finally got one over Stone Cold at WM.

  24. Taker vs Kane is the greatest storyline of all time….the build up with Paul Bearer, the debut “THATS GOTTA BE KANE”, setting Taker on Fire, the resurrection, WM match, inferno match etc. everything.

  25. I wonder if creative sits down and writes out storylines this far in advance or if its a week to week thing now.

  26. Rock vs Mankind was a good one as well. Although it was more of a rivalry than story line.

  27. The invasion angle… wwf vs wcw/ecw…The biggest companies that defined wrestling in the late 90s…Some of the greatest superstars ever….

    Oh wait…. That didn't happen….*sigh*

  28. WWE fabricating Cena to be this polarizing and controversial figure when in reality he was just average was the best long term story line loool.

  29. Here are some that were not mentioned that I really enjoyed. I really enjoyed the Mickey James and Trish stratus viewed. Probably one of the best women’s feuds I have ever seen. Rock and Mandkind from enemies to Mick wanting to be Rocks friend and Rock slowly starting to like him. Just awesome stuff. The rivalry between The Dudley’s, the Hardee’s and edge and Christian. I could honestly go on for a while. WWE doesn’t do these storylines anymore because they think the crowd has a short attention span something. But I never bought that to be the case. When they actually put effort into doing a long-term story line they do it really well. I want more of it again.

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