Joe Rogan Experience #1204 – Steven Rinella


  1. Look forward to listening to Rinella on JRE every time. Music to my ears

  2. Since the JRE is now an alt right platform, is this another podcast where Rogan stuffs ridiculous Hillary conspiracy theories down our throats and praises guys like Julian Assange?

  3. I was expecting a goodfellas style stand off in the beginning. "How am I funny? How the fuck am I funny?"

  4. I listened to that Ricky Gervais episode of O&A recently and he agreed with everything Joe said with regards to hunting for food and the meat farming industry.

  5. Why can't everyone hunt? Change your perspective. The gardener can collect snails that eat the vegetables. Partridge, pigeon, squirrels, rabbits, and groundhogs are in most yards of nominal size. Hunt local, farm global.

  6. At 13:02. "They had bigger brains than us. They'd be like 5' 7" and weigh 200lbs, and just jacked. Just a little gorilla thing." I know Joe was describing Neanderthals, but he pretty much just wrote his autobiography.

  7. I still think the entire Ball family is a Neanderthal cloning experiment

  8. In Norway we have resturants who serve wild game. Moose , wild reindeer , deer , wild boar. and many more, basically the whole fauna.

  9. Joe my man ask him what animals he hasn't tried in the sea, he obviously tried all land animals besides wolf and bear

  10. yo joe, do marilyn manson next, that guy is extremly well spoken and i think it might be a interesting conversation

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