Floyd Mayweather’s getting played by the Japanese…he will leave Japan 50-1.


  1. Doesn't matter he is killer or not man… Floyd plan this all the way just for the build up in UFC near future, the rule also does not involve kicking! and this rule made by floyd to compete in rizin

  2. Rizin is definitely trying to build this kids name off Floyd. so what if they waste a few mil on floyd right now if they build a superstar who is only 20 years old that will make them money the next 10-20 years

  3. That's what I have been thinking since it was announced. Tenshin Naruto is a little Killer. Quick hands, weird stance. Only three minutes, three rounds. Naruto is gonna win it and bounce. Floyd won't be able to find his rhythm. The Ref will ask if he is still with them.

  4. The only Floyd will increase his market now is to fight actual boxing welterweights. But we all know that’s not gonna happen, so his market will stay down.

  5. Agreed…and it’s out of sheer desperation by Floyd who’s likely close to broke despite having made many hundreds of millions.

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