Congratulations Podcast w/ Chris D’Elia | EP94 – Feels So Good In My Hood

It’s the 94th episode! On today’s show, Chris goes through some Craigslist missed connections. Also discussed: Idris Elba, JCVD, Montell Jordan, tetanus shot still hurting, American Idol, and Brian McKnight. Plus, Chris answers a bunch of questions from Twitter.

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  1. Jean-Claude Van Damme, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Michael Caine in the first 20 minutes, hell of a way to start an episode lol

  2. Your jacksonville fl show was awsome. Not much here but laundry mats and homeless birds. Thanks for the lauphs. Dude

  3. I saw that girl Ashtyn (the girl who got a tit job to get viewers) and her unfortunate boyfriend reacting to one of your videos, they butchered your name obviously. Haha That’s the level of fame you’ve reached now!

  4. my mother just used craigslist for the first time yesterday..made 20 bucks.

  5. "ThNx kriiisssss"
    I just want u personally 2kno how much us babys here n Ven/LA county appreci8 wut u do; alot of ppl r hav'n trouble w/ the krazy fires & the shooting its ben so sad& depressing(w/ all those affected) we r happy 2 take a brk listen 2u & change how we feel 4the day!

  6. i need this so much im even going to listen to all the ads

  7. dude, me and my girl used to geek on the law and order song, how it was remixed for the other law and orders

  8. This podcast episode is so funny hahaha. I was listening to it while working out. Horrible idea cause i kept laughing

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