Cinnamon Wilson | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #147


  1. Grey block pizza? Worst name ever. Who is wanting to eat a grey block? Sounds like the least appetizing pizza ever…. Do they use depressed bread, prison tomatoes, and suicidal cheese to make their grey block pizza?

  2. And not just him rambling and forcing us to listen to him swallow. Drink some water asshole.

  3. Just started talking to my favorite person again, and I’ve been able to listen to the podcast while I make her breakfast the past couple times and it’s just made the song so nice bc it’s all coming back together. Thanks Theo, love you man gang GANG

  4. Theo back on that Columbian marching powder! Noooo, don’t do it mate, you are doing so well and really getting somewhere, don’t give in to the dark arts bhoy, we love you with that fresh hitta. You’re soooo much funnier compos mentis. Love you man from the UK 🇬🇧 🇺🇸

  5. I think it’s normal to come from a set of circumstances, and then you get successful, its hard to digest. Im sure it fucks with you. Everyone telling you you’re special, but you still feel regular. Try not to overthink it, and just be yourself. Stay weird!

  6. You caught bouquets? 🙂 🙂 🙂 Hopefully that means you might propose to your girlfriend soon 🙂 Wedding time 🙂

  7. Play handicap! You r making me pee pee my pants from utter pure laughter! Oh Theo don't ever change your true YOU! CuZ u r one of a kind & we love your kind! TY for bringing us some extreme comedy gold! Pure entertainment right here, getting that hitter!

  8. Most of my shirts were hand me downs growing up. Only problem was that I was a much bigger child than my older brother. As an adult if I leave the house and I dont just love my shirt I feel less than. Onward

  9. Love this man Theo Von! I'm getting my hitter at grey block pizza, their pizza is awesome!! Theo you are my light in my day, my sunshine! And you did fantastic in that bishop Gunn video, you my friend are a southern unique gentleman who happens to b a hottie. Just watch out for those peeps out there & the dark arts! Shine the light on me! Gang gang! Peace & Love from Melissa in COLORADO Theo you need more exposure, it's NOT you, it's them. Luv u!

  10. All kipe uh…all stipe uh…all type of stuff – calzons, sal-ads, sal-ads, gourmet…pia…pizzas.

  11. Cinnamon Wilson and Junctivitis Dalmont used to be tag team champions in the neighborhood, I'll never forget it.

  12. Theo! U have straight fire every line u say seems like it has been a well thought out skit! But ur weird feeling of not feeling that great in general could be the new 5g cell towers that were put up every block in la that emit millimeter electromagnetic waves at ur brain chemistry…

  13. It's hard for me to believe that Theo would lick cinnamon out of an old man's hand.

  14. 2.30pm uk time, getting that after college hittah boiii

  15. gang gang bruh get that hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhittah

  16. Theo, you're doing what you were born to do! Shining that light and love on all your fans and friends!!!! We love you, Theo! Keep up this hard work. GG

  17. I dont have much but I'm Alive today. 2 PBRs and a half a joint ,sittin in my backyard. Sun is shining. 🇺🇸👊😎🚬

  18. He try to talk so wierd on purpose its not funny its cringy like he cant even be funny its really wierd. Terrible fake soulful music in the beginning.

  19. I didn’t wanna put this on cause I just got done beating my chicken and he would be upset with me but sometimes you have to release the demon through the dark arts

  20. Get in there! Monday morning, starting a new shift today. Good’ol Theo gonna help ya boy glide right thru it. GET IN THERE!!!

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