Challenge Match at a Certified Training Center!

European guy shows up at our Certified Training Center in Osaka, Japan. After his first Gracie Combatives class, he reveals that he’s an experienced boxer and questions whether or not jiu-jitsu would work on him if he were throwing punches. One of the instructors, Ty Bess accepts the challenge…twice. After 25 years of UFC you wouldn’t expect these people to exist anymore, but they do, and the reaction is always the same: After the first loss, let me try that again. After the second loss, where to I sign up?


  1. Gotta try it out though! Can't blame the guy for not wanting to just believe it. He seemed pretty humble about it.

  2. Any chance of you guys opening a CTC in Sydney Australia? There's a few Gracie gyms around but no CTCs 🙁

  3. The guy could have saved himself some trouble by just searching on-line for videos. But then again, I guess a healthy dose of skepticism is a good thing.

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