Adam Carolla Rants Like a Pro While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Adam Carolla is a radio legend, TV host, filmmaker, and best-selling author—not to mention one of Sean Evans’ broadcasting heroes. But how is he with hot food? Find out as the Ace Man looks back on his storied career—including stints at The Man Show and LoveLine—and battles his way through the wings of death. Along the way, the rant king gets going on everything from Kanye West, to iced tea, to the brilliance of crows. If you’re hungry for more after the Hot Ones fireworks, you can catch Adam on the Guinness World Record-holding podcast, The Adam Carolla Show.


  1. I warned Ozzy Man, he couldn't handle your wings. Logistics aside, this is an epic YouTube personality outback v hot sauce waiting to happen – Beyond popular: The two Youtube stars mesh in a mess of ozzy accent and hot sauce. The result? I'll wait. Just do it 😉

  2. How does the Adam Corolla episode have less than a million views?! This was the funniest stuff I’ve watched in a good while.

  3. lol im not sure if Adam answered a single question in the context it was actually meant to be answered in , but i laughed my ass off.

  4. I've had the exact same thoughts about crows. Why are we not utilising them? And by that I mean, doing a deal.

  5. I had a blue jay nest near my house in a big pine tree and they had a couple babies. Well one day I heard a commotion outside and a murder of Crows were attacking the blue jays, one of the blue jays actually maimed a smaller crow. I had grown quite fond of the blue jays so I took action, I grabbed my pellet gun and executed the one on the ground. The other crows changed their attention towards me and got pretty low and we’re acting pretty crazy but ended up flying away. They must’ve killed the baby blue jays because they never came back either.

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