A Silent Night Moment – JRE Toon


  1. man first time i decided to watch the toons , they are so much better than the podcast , i mean makes these moments so much better , whoever makes em , u r genius 😀 ! i love the ownage pranks style 😀

  2. , I'm heading up a Tourette's Christmas Carol group they're a little bit hard to control sometimes we're not welcome back 2 the senior center at all everything goes okay usually then little Davy starts losing it usually when it comes to the round young Mary part and Silent Night just thought I'd share that LOL

  3. 1:10 the people from top left to right, then bottom left to right are : (top row) Tom Segura, Brian Redban, Ari Shaffir, Brendan Schaub, Bert Kreisher, (bottom row) Eddie Bravo, Joey Diaz, Greg Fitzsimmons, Duncan Trussell

  4. It would have been funny if it was a dude behind the door with a JRE t-shirt fangasming.

  5. Seriously so good PaulyToon, exceptionally talented. Please make more, we crave them!

  6. If you read this check out Ten Minute Podcast episode titled Serious Christmas Singing. Bryan Callen, Chris D'elia and Will Sasso do the same thing. Hilarious stuff

  7. There should be some winter ambience, and Jamie should have one hand in the air as he usually does.

  8. The 138 people that thumbsed this down have something very wrong with them… probably flat earthers. Pressing it so aggressively whispering to themselves "fuckin shill"

  9. God, I'm watching this over, and over, and over again. I'm dead serious, it strikes a chord. Would love to stumble upon it 5 years later.

  10. The comedic timing of these videos though. Look at uncle joeys eyes 😂

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