83 Weeks #29: Eric’s WWE Debut

On this week’s 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson, they discuss Eric’s surprise debut on WWE Monday Night Raw, in July 2002! Hear about what Eric was up to in between the close of WCW and his WWE run, including TV projects, and even some MatRats talk! How did Eric wind up in WWE, who contacted him, why wasn’t he involved in the Invasion angle, how did the concept of his debut take shape, what were some of the reactions he saw around him, and how did he feel his first appearance went? All this and so much more!


  1. what do you remember about how the boys treated you when they saw you like booker,big show etc..yeah they were great..nah but should be a good listen..how jr,flair,stone cold reacted to the news etc..if he remembers

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