2018 Husqvarna Motorcycles – Jay Leno’s Garage


  1. Dang Jay had no idea you were into motorcycles. It be awesome to ride with the guy let alone tour his garage. This guy's passionate about anything with wheels.

  2. Austria is best. The quality is perfect and the price is fair. I pre-ordered a 701 for me and I am in love with it.

  3. I don't like the look of them at all. They may be good to ride but I'd rather have something less cluttered and 'messy' looking. Be nice to have seen something like an updated Panther (P&M 600cc sloper single). The bikes look' to my eyes, a bit like a cross between a Ducati and a Buell.

  4. Guess I am not the target demographic, as I find the styling to be hideous, particularly the gas tanks. Good mechanically though, can't argue with that. KTM 790 Duke for me though please…

  5. When I was a kid if you had a husky in the race you had no excuse if you lost. Do you think any cop would ever give Jay a speeding ticket?

  6. Good old Husky, the Swedes made great dirt bikes! But they are now owned by an Austrian company with a different take on what a simple, back to basics, motorcycle should look like. I'm sorry guys, but a basic single cylinder bike should look like a Ducati 450 or a BSA 441, not a washing machine motor between two wheels. And just who is going to buy a bike that can only carry one person? Where is the bike with a luggage rack that can carry a passenger and cost less then a small car? Where are the Honda 350 twins that sold over a million copies?

  7. They are gonna be competition across the board I think. I ride an mt09 and that smartvilen is damn sexy to me, the vitpilen looks like an xsr

  8. Chocked that the American president of this company doesn't have a clue to pronounce either the brand accurately nor the model names of these bikes.

  9. In an earlier episode featuring the Musket V-twins built by Abhi Easwarappa based on the Royal Enfield motors, Jay Leno famously said back then that he was quite surprised why Royal Enfield hadn't developed their own twin cylinder engines.
    I guess they heard you Jay Leno. The new twins from Royal Enfield, the Interceptor 650 and the Continental GT 650 premiered a few weeks earlier in California. Do review them on your channel.

  10. hope the reliability turns out better than their consumer chainsaws, those things are NBC (nothing but crap)

  11. I know Jay said this isn't a sales job although after watching it I want one!

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