1970 Plymouth Superbird – Jay Leno’s Garage


  1. He’s a ventriloquist. He’s been doing it for years, kinda funny if your into that sort of thing!

  2. I had a buddy that had a Coronet 440 RT with a 4 speed trans and a 6 pack. He used to scare the sh!t out of me!!!
    I drove that car a few times, and it was a beast to be so big!!!

  3. I was lucky enough to own one of these in 1984 – it was a 440+6, 4-speed 3.54 car, lowered some and with tall tires. I adjusted the rear wing to give about a 1/2" gap at the rear and at 140+ on the freeway (aside from the noise) it was as stable as sitting in your living room chair. The wings were cast aluminum and there was a mounting plate on the underside in the trunk with 2 3" wide u-channel (thick) steel plates triangulated down to a steel support plate welded to the frame. That was to support the sheet metal because of the downforce the wing generated. The Pistol Grip looked cool till you tried to drive the car after it was parked on a hot sunny day – nothing like a blazing hot piece of steel in the palm of your hand, which by the way would be pinched by those plastic side pieces. Sadly, I sold the car to a guy who jacked it up, put 14" ties on it and a bunch of stickers. I wonder where it is now………

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