1970 Plymouth Superbird – Jay Leno’s Garage


  1. out of the factory stock the street car could only do about 125 depending on the gears ordered .
    that noise is in the base of the linkage box where the stick goes in to it. i remember back in the day my dad took his apart and wrapped elctrical tape around the stick and put back in to the linkage box and it cured it for awhile. keep in mind the linkage on these mopars was absolute junk even when new and now it just restored junk. sometimes that linkage will get hung up and stuff if you try fast shifting it. i think dad eventualy cut some tire intertube and put it in the linkage box now that i think about it. well give it a look.

  2. 18:57 Jay points out the worlds sharpest split pin installation and the proceeds to have his head hover dangerously close to it for the next few minutes .

  3. That noise is a warning that your left turn signal has been on since you left the shop

  4. Im 21 years old, and i think that so many guys my age would like to have maybe a Dodge challenger or a corvette or even a ferrari, but i will like to have a Plymouth Superbird Roadrunner por me… i like this kind of cars…

  5. Nascar did not outlaw the car. They reduced the engine displacement you could run for the car , thus making it non-competitive against the standard bodies with bigger engines and a lot more HP. That's why they disappeared from the grid. The cars you could buy at the dealership (which nobody did) would not remotely come close to 200mph. 3:23 gear at topped out at around 135 or 140. The nascar boys did a lot of changing on these before they ran them. Very few people liked these things, which is why they sold so poorly back in the day.

  6. This Plymouth and the 69/70 Chargers are the best cars ever made if you had the guts to plant your right foot. Thanks for posting the Video and thanks Jeff, Impeccable Craftsmanship by the Guy who did the work.

  7. I remember reading that the Superbirds had vinyl roofs to conceal "rough body work".

  8. When I was a kid back in the early 70s, a guy up the street had a yellow Superbird.
    He used to leave it parked in the driveway all the time.
    We would stop by on our bicycles to marvel at it.

  9. SWEET,SWEET,SWEET!!!!!!! What I would give to have one of those I'd give my nuts, and moved to Idaho but I'd have that car. The end CMA.

  10. put the parking lights on parked, bet the radio will come without touching the key, 1 quart of oil for every 1 thousand miles is considered normal oil consumption for the hemis

  11. In a manual/sick shift transmission the sound of the rattling around from the actual transmission on a car is the sycronisor so the gears do not have to match the road speed like on a semi tractor trailer truck because those so not have that sound coming from below the floor at all

  12. Nice ride Jeff ! Happy motoring, glad to see you intend to drive it too ! They are fun to drive, even to do the shopping ! But the ice cream may be soft, by the time you get back to the house ! Ha Ha ! Thanks for sharing this video Jay ! Peace !

  13. I'm going to make you all sick. A buddy of mine his dad bought one of these in an unopened storage Locker. Meaning the door was not opened for the sale he could have actually bought an empty storage locker. But he bought one for $50 and open the door and one of these was sitting there looking him in the face. It was the only thing in there and it run it not only run it had 992 actual miles on the speedometer. This was in 1989. He passed away and a railroad accident a month later. His son sold it in 2000 for $49,000 at auction. It actually had 1005 MI on it when he sold it and the engine still run. However, it did have one scratch on it from when he hit it with a bicycle in the garage.
    Weird part of this story is this could be the very same car. He sold it to somebody in Ohio.


  15. Hey Jeff, nothing but envi I am not really a Mopar person but I do envi you.
    Congratulations on it and Jay love your show.

  16. All 426 Hemi cars came with four mufflers to pass DOT noise inspection. And they were still loud.

  17. My brother had a 69 dart radical 340 w2 heads 13.5-1 he ran a hemi four speed his made same noise he said it was throw out bearing

  18. This is one of the most oddly awesome cars ever built. I was quite young when they were made. I saw them driving on the roads occasionally. I was disgusted at the look of them, but awed by the speed and by Richard Petty, the winningest driver in NASCAR history, and statistically the most accomplished driver in racing history. It's so weird because I am not even a NASCAR fan. But when there were only three or four TV stations to choose from, one became entertained by what was available. Oddly, I still find this ugly beast fascinating.

  19. I was lucky enough to own one of these in 1984 – it was a 440+6, 4-speed 3.54 car, lowered some and with tall tires. I adjusted the rear wing to give about a 1/2" gap at the rear and at 140+ on the freeway (aside from the noise) it was as stable as sitting in your living room chair. The wings were cast aluminum and there was a mounting plate on the underside in the trunk with 2 3" wide u-channel (thick) steel plates triangulated down to a steel support plate welded to the frame. That was to support the sheet metal because of the downforce the wing generated. The Pistol Grip looked cool till you tried to drive the car after it was parked on a hot sunny day – nothing like a blazing hot piece of steel in the palm of your hand, which by the way would be pinched by those plastic side pieces. Sadly, I sold the car to a guy who jacked it up, put 14" ties on it and a bunch of stickers. I wonder where it is now………

  20. I had a buddy that had a Coronet 440 RT with a 4 speed trans and a 6 pack. He used to scare the sh!t out of me!!!
    I drove that car a few times, and it was a beast to be so big!!!

  21. He’s a ventriloquist. He’s been doing it for years, kinda funny if your into that sort of thing!

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