14-Year-Old Girl Punched by Police – Excessive or Not?

The gap between what police departments deem “necessary use of force” and what the public perceives as “acceptable use of force” has never been so big. In an attempt to close the gap, Ryron and Rener analyze the video that recently surfaced of a Florida incident where a young teenage girl resisted arrest and punched multiple times by police officer.

If anyone has contact with the officers involved in the incident, please have them contact us at: GracieUniversity.com/GST


  1. 17:00 I have family and friends who are police officers and I understand they are up against a lot, but I think what black poor people are up against is way worst. So if I were to choose a punishment to my worst enemy I would never turn him into a police officer, instead I would turn him into a black poor man.


  2. 17:40 It is clear you come from a privileged background, that you have education and your overall body language suggests you have been accepted in society and feel that way.

    When on the other hand someone feels that the color of their skin, their hair, their people and their existence is not accepted is hated on, you will find much harder to speak, talk, walk, dress in a manner that suggest you feel accepted.

    Marginalizing people makes them marginals.

    Take a dog and give him plenty love and attention, while take his brother and distrust him and be always cagey around it and see what their behavior will be. We don't even need to make the experiment to know.

    So come on Ryron the whole is a tad deeper than that. I know you guys mean good. But you are not factoring all the elements in this equation.

  3. I have a suggestion:

    What if police created a ALL WHITE UNIFORM unit in every single department that DO NOT CARRY FIREARMS nor weapons of any kind and are called on to deal with every single situation.

    They can not touch the suspect, they will film online everything they do and say as well as what they hear and is done they can only TALK to people and explain what is going on. As well as politely ask people to follow then to the police station for questioning.

    GET THAT HIGHLY PUBLICIZED as well as the fact that if one of those officer gets verbally assaulted, physically
    assaulted or worse the consequences would be 10 times worst that if it was a normal police officer.

    I know that would not be as good for business as your ideas, but it would be a much more civilized way to deal with social problems at the same time that it would make society and police feel much more respected and working together with one another.

  4. Keep up the amazing work Gracie's. Some will never understand: learning, knowing, informing AND mental discipline are thing we need to teach all of our young! Bullying and violent act will never go away, humans will perceive them everywhere. SO, we need to educate me, you, the individual reading this, the OFFICERS CURRICULUM, etc.


  5. You guys are awesome man! I had literally a similar scenario on duty (as a security officer) had a battery situation with a drunk subject being billergerant and aggressive committed battery and I made the arrest this exact well, similar scenario happened l. Did almost the exact same movements for the arrest! I currently train at AKA IN SJ, you guys have a local school nearby ?

  6. Just wondering, what training do the Japanese Law Enforcement do and how often? I believe is called Taiho-Jutsu. Anyone familiar with it? Thanks!

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