Your Mom’s House Podcast – Ep. 468 w/ Finesse Mitchell

Don’t forget to check out #TheDegenerates on #Netflix October 30th to support Mommy Tina! This week, the mommies start off strong with a burp trio clip, then transition into a call with Christine Hazel Decker who was the subject of one of YMH’s favorite all-time clips. A lot has changed since 2014 and the mommies are checking in! We then look into a fresh perspective on the #rideordie scenario that favor’s Christina’s side. With all this evidence, who do you agree with?

We then get into a new business from Maine that uses Moose droppings and transforms it into art. Pretty genius if you ask us. Would you hang that clock in your house? Tom Segura then goes over some of the details of #SoberOCtober and starts to answer some of the questions from the Psycho test a fan emailed u.

THEN, our amazing guest (and Saturday Night Live alum) Finesse Mitchell enters the Mommy Dome to butt heads with Tom over their Miami vs. FSU college football rivalry. Tom picks Finesse’s brain on what it was like to play college ball, while also trying to make him watch a video of a vegan “tasting” himself. Neat!

Catch Finesse’s new special “The Spirit Told Me To Tell You” premiering on Showtime on October 19!


  1. So early, which means the mommies are going to feed me and tuck me in tonight. Thanks Jeans.

  2. Will Mommy Christina ever get back to doing episodes for "That's Deep Bro" or has she abandoned it?

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