With all of the hype surrounding Conor and Khabib, let’s not forget Tony Ferguson vs Anthony Pettis.


  1. I believe that Anthony Pettis will win this fight! It started out with a kick How did it end up like this? It was only a kick, it was only a kick Now Tony is falling asleep, and Anthony is getting his hand raised! now Fergie can't look- it's killing him! Jealousy, losing his spot in the rankings! He better open up his eager eyes cause he's MR BRIGHTSIDE

  2. Chael, my nan still wants to know just how good Conor Mcgregor really is?

  3. This may go unnoticed but I just wanted to wish everybody a happy birthday

  4. I've said it since ive heard about it… Furgason vs Pettis is a HUUUUUUGE fight!!! I cant wait for that one! 👍

  5. I think "scrum" is taken from Agile Development… correct me if I'm out of touch, but it's a software engineering thing where the team meets every morning and has a free flowing chat about what's going on.

  6. Driving Chael FTW today.. this is some A1 gym Chael insight right here.. insight that only studio Chael could bring.. that could only be topped by the one and only hair salon Chael

  7. Scrum comes from Rugby 🏉.. so it’s understandable that the American Gangster is a little unsure about the term being used right..

  8. Chael, end Fedors Legacy, take it away from him. You must! Last real American g4ngsta.

  9. i am so stoked for that fight..and the lewis fight..this weekend gunna be LLIIITTTTYYYYYY

  10. It is not hard for Tony to have the spotlight, have you seen his interviews this fight week. By far the most entertaining thing.

  11. I’m waiting for chael to record a video in between rounds as he pummels fedor, “yeah 206 was good but we still don’t know just how good is Conor…”

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