Why Adding A THIRD HOUR To Raw Chased Away So Many Fans


  1. 100% agreed. I forget the exact angle but it had just started up right around the time that Raw went to three hours, it was during the summer I wasn't at home watching as much television, I took a break (which I had done previously as an older fan) and when I turned on Raw 6 months later… I could not have timed this better, they was doing a video package to almost the exact moment that I had stopped watching.

    I had that exact same feeling… "I haven't missed anything". Nothing happens on Raw week to week anymore. Plus, you can just watch YouTube clips posted by the WWE and see all the highlights without having to sit through Michael Cole screaming for three hours.

  2. 3 hours is too long that people just change the channel, it also makes pay per views at 3 hours less special

  3. RAW is PAIN
    RAW is ASS
    RAW is SHIT
    RAW is HELL

  4. As a Limey I can't stay up to watch Raw in the middle of the night, so I have to record it and watch it later… or I did, because I got so burned out trying to struggle through three hours every single week (even with the option of fast-forwarding through the boring bits).

  5. Wish I could give u 2 thumbs up. 👍🏽. Its so simple yet they don’t see it. I travel for work and usually I’m in a Hotel for Raw. I can’t even sit through it. Its so long. I would rather watch the YouTube highlights than watch it live. Even the great matches they have here and there can’t save a show that’s 3 hours long every week.

  6. I don't see the point of Raw having a 3 Hour show and they don't even have no Women's Tag Team Belts for that matter. I feel Smackdown Live,NXT,205 should have 3 Hours Every Week for us to enjoy and i get So Hype of watching Non Stop fast Pase and High-flying Action. Hell Even Luchador Underground and impact Wrestling is more Entertaining and hopefully Raw and Smackdown start getting our Drift When they Move to Fox Network…

  7. WWE has sucked since 2001. It hasn't been great since late 1999 early 2000.

  8. I feel drained watching the WWE product and idc to miss the show i just get a recap thats it, tho i only watch the ppvs on the network thats it and its sad cuz i loved the ATTITUDE & RUTHELESS AGGRESSION era aside from that i think the current stars are better but they have no real material to work with or room to grow as a character cuz they in meaningless storylines or win/losses mean nothing

  9. I havnt watched a full episode of Raw in about a year. I get by with watching the WWE YouTube clips😉😂

  10. I really don’t think 3 hour Raw’s are the problem. The problem is filling that time with exciting or at least watchable content,and WWE is simply not up to the task.

  11. Damn, hit me right in the nostalgic feels talking about the copyright disclaimer at the end. I remember being pissed off at that every week too.

  12. Raw has the length of a martin scorcese movie but feels as long as a transformers movie

  13. SmackDown is 2 hours and they get garbage ratings so that not an excuse. Wrestling is not in demand anymore because nobody acts like stars anymore. End of story.

  14. Everything they slander about WCW they're doing. 3 hour show not pushing the youth still relying on the old guys who weren't even that old compared to now.

  15. WWE seems to believe that adding an extra hour to Raw made it better. It didn't. Adding an extra hour to a shit show won't make it good.

  16. What's also hurting then is if u miss raw or sd live, u can always catch them on youtube highlights

  17. Because people can only take so much of the same old shit…lol. It’s like how many more times are they going to give us Bayley/Sasha vs. The Riott Squad? Do they realize they’ve been giving us this match in some shape or form for the majority of 2018? That or The Shield vs. The Roids of War…it’s boring as hell and we’ve seen it 10,000 times by now. It would be different if they used the time to give us something different but they don’t. That’s why it’s driving people away.

  18. I would still argue it's not the third hour that's killing it, because I've always thought more QUALITY wrestling is a good thing… With such a vast variety and talented roster, they need that time… They have the time, but they choose to waste it, unfortunately.

    Problem is the booking, the storytelling, the pushing of those people boo, and the burying of those people cheer… Of course, it is a very bad idea to have 3 hours of garbage, with maybe a gem every now and then, few times a year… I still say it's not a time issue, it's a quality issue… The product is overall trash.

    However, that is WWE's thing though, they've developed a reputation of burying their own potential superstars that the crowd actually cheer… Makes absolutely no sense… I always think back to Austin 3:16… What if they proceeded to bury Stone Cold Steve Austin, by putting him on a year-long losing streak… Then have the nerve to wonder why isn't he over, as he's steadily losing to everybody… I think that's a bigger problem today than people realize… I legit lost interest, and occasionally listen to this podcast on the way to work, because of what they did to CM Punk.

    Look at Ryback… Guy had all the momentum in the world… They crushed it… And they really tried to do everything they can to do the same to Daniel Bryan… CM Punk was right… Look at Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Big E, Bray Wyatt, Rusev, Damien Sandow, Wade Barrett, Brodus Clay, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Asuka, etc… Some were big things in NXT, miraculously reduced to shit on the main roster… Crazy how that goes, almost accordingly… This is legit madness!

  19. I used to tape every episode of Superstars of Wrestling and even of Wrestling Challenge/Spotlight… Yes, shows consisting in SQUASH MATCHES or pointless midcard bouts. Why? Because even in a pointless taped recap show there could be a storyline-advancing event, hints for a turn, or, heck, the odd appearence of a Top Guy.

    Nowadays, despite PPV-caliber matches being available for free, several nights a week, everything is so forgettable because wrestling is so OVEREXPOSED and saturated nothing really matters anymore except maybe a handful of PPVs.

    TV shows make WWE a lot of money, but they're redundant in terms of actual wrestling. The point is: wrestling in itself isn't even WWE's main business anymore. They're promoting themselves, with wrestling being little more than a hook.

    Also, more athletic performers don't necessarily mean "better" performers. And here a lot of blame must be put on the fans themselves, who, despite having become "smart", have lost the biggest quality they needed to enjoy and support GOOD shows… Too much focus on WHAT a wrestler can do in the ring, not enough on WHY he's doing it.
    Hogan's ridiculous comeback, Warrior shaking the ropes or Austin's punches had 100x more meaning than a flawlessly executed 720° corkscrew dive outside the ring by people who look like crossfit instructors or Abercrombie models.

  20. WWE is pretty much a Jan-April show for me since 2015 and I'm pretty sure a lot of people are in the same boat. Remember when Sting showed up and they did over 5 million views? I remember back in 2012 when 3.3 million was a low rating. Now they can't get past 2 million.

  21. Raw really has gone downhill since before the move to 3hrs. In my opinion, it's been bad since late 2008/early 2009 and it has gotten worse. I quit watching entirely in 2016 and haven't looked back.

  22. I genuinely think that if the show was better, people wouldn't complain nearly as much about the length. I honestly don't remember people complaining about Nitro making the move to 3 hours back in the day (honestly, that was part of the appeal because they started an hour before Raw and it gave them more time to add popular things like the luchadors) The problem is that a 3 hour show has to be great every week or it becomes a chore to sit through.

  23. Austin and Rock are better than The Shield no matter what. Natural charisma. The Shield has none of that. They fooled us in 2012. Now they've been exposed for how boring they are

  24. Nobody on this roster including cena is even in the same stratosphere with guys like Austin, rock and hogan. Cena is the closest and there isn’t anyone now even close to him.

  25. It wasn’t just the third hour fans have been slowly leaving since 2001 and it’s getting worse now John cena’s burying untalented ass chased away so many people too and now with Roman reigns overrated terrible ass and the fact they only book the top guys (was cena now reigns) strong and don’t give a shit about everyone else no rotation go watch other great wrestling promotions who actually listen to the fans and use the talented guys properly and not this garbage that’s been garbage since 2005

  26. I grow up watching WWF back then but now… F**k WWE & F**K nostalgia , I'm watching NJPW! KING OF SPORTS!

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