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UFC 230’s main event will be a flyweight title fight between Valentina Shevchenko and Sijara Eubanks, not a hoped-for 165-pound title bout between Nate Diaz and Dustin Poirier. We reacted to the news in real time on my radio show.

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  1. I hate to say it, but Nate should jump ship at this point. This is a blatant dig at Diaz to mess with his ppv money and numbers.

  2. I might be done with the UFC alltogether if they really go through with this. Gonna watch UFC 229, see what happens, then take my attention somewhere else.

  3. MSG so far:

    205: Alvarez v McGregor – One man looks to become the first person to hold two titles simultaneously. The title holder is one of the most decorated fighters in history, with an incredible fighter record.
    217: Bisping v GSP – The return of one of the greatest fighters of all time, looking for his second title, against another legend of the sport with quick wit, undervalued skills, insane mental fortitude and potentially the toughest guy to ever walk into an octagon.


  4. Joanna told dana she wont be ready to fight valentina by november…. im just a casual fan and even i know this…. cmon mate

  5. Killing the Joanna vs Valentina fight is quite possibly the stupidest decision the UFC has ever done, next to the Reebok deal.

  6. This is my theory. Jones vs Gustafson at ufc 230. Alex pulled from his fight citing minor injury. Then Dana says it was a major injury. I think ufc pulled him cuz they knew jones was coming back. They keep it hush hush. They are gonna annouce it at 229. They are trying to surprise us just how they announced conor vs khabib.

  7. Nate would be man to be main event .. UFC give a shittty main event to NYC fan .. it was disrespectful to NYC fan .. take this shitty Main event to Alaska

  8. A 165lb division would have renewed interest and refreshed the UFC with all the title holdups and injuries and stripping of champs. Make this happen and this would have been the perfect place and perfect fighters to give the shot and Dana just gone with his pride and f'd up more than he ever has before. Lay down your pride Dana and make the UFC great again.

  9. there are probably tons of issues with a 165 division. you have fighters signed to either 155 or 170… i don't think those contracts would be legally binding if you just made the 170s pick a new division. they are already fighting to keep fighters independent contractors and not actual employees. trying to push them into a new division would set off a legal cascade that would have to decide the issue of are they employees or contractors… they really don't want that.

  10. I'm perfectly ok with missing out on Poirier/Diaz to show my disgust. I don't say that easily, but that's how enraged this has made me.

  11. The Dana-FC is trying to make Diaz look bad and reduce his stock value. Dana white is trying everything he can to reduce Diaz’s value so that he doesn’t have to create Diaz -McGregor 3. Dana is a total prick!! Tell me I’m wrong! @NateDiaZ

  12. There are far too many events and this is the result. I mean look at the Fight Pass cards. It is going to be the same or worst with the ESPN deal

  13. Media about to be played when they announce Jones vs Lesnar for MSG on Saturday.

  14. Media and predictions are so fony and no knows any thing but they open there mouth. Am the mmas15percent and say thats great main on the planet were mma and ranking has importance.
    Luke can be a fool at times. These are real fights.

  15. Well said Luke, my money relies on if Nate fights or not honestly. The UFC and Dana white are obviously against the Diaz brothers 🤷🏽‍♂️

  16. What even happened to the Valentina vs. Joanna fight? From what I understand even Joanna is confused by this

  17. As much of a mess as this is I cant help thinking seeing Nate fight at his preferred weight would be bloody exciting!

  18. I havn't watched a UFC event live since MC greggors last fight most of the cards are crap these days

  19. Aaannnddd there goes Nate
    cue gif of Nate leaving the 202 press conference with middle fingers up

  20. Adesanya is very interesting though. Plus the fight hasnt even been confirmed, lets keep the hopes up

  21. Hey luc its kevin lee that started the talk of 165 division too fight gsp about 2 months ago Didn't work but hes the 1 that brot it out

  22. I agree. I had to google who Eubanks is. Dustin/Diaz or Rockhold/Weidman would have been a better option to be honest.

  23. Wow!!!! What the fuck was Dana thinking. I want to see Nate but I’m def not ordering that fight anymore.. catch Nate’s highlights in YouTube I guess. Not spending money on a shitty main event for ny!!

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