UFC 229: Khabib vs. McGregor Results | Post-Fight Special | Luke Thomas

At UFC 229…


… Khabib Numagomedov submitted Conor McGregor, but then attacked his entourage in the crowd immediately afterwards. In the co-main event, Tony Ferguson showed amazing ability against Anthony Pettis. In the feature bout of the night, Dominick Reyes scored a clear win but controversial finish over Ovince Saint Preux. Derrick Lewis scored perhaps the best comeback of the year while Michelle Waterson earned a hard-fought decision over Felice Herrig. We’ll discuss these fight card results and more on my UFC 229 post-fight special.

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  1. Conor changed this game into a cheap pathetic filthy theatre all about trading insults like hysterical b1tches. Khabib is changing it back to actual fighting and having to think what you are saying and answer for your words like a man. Go Khabib! Conor's primitive shite was old years ago and nobody except the lowest of the low of the fanbase is interested in it anymore. Umm, except Luke of course.

  2. Only a few days ago you said there IS no line in MMA trash talking that could be crossed. Well now you know..

  3. 8:00 "some people don't take that shit too kindly"?? Haha! Yea, I guess not. He got to eat his words and they probably didn't taste so good.

  4. I guess conor did get in to Habibs head. Isn't that what Conor ufc and media wanted? Conor talked shit so long and tap tap makes it go away.

  5. Conor was just 'born this way', and Khabib is all of a sudden a disgrace for the sport. Conor was grabbing shorts, sticking toes in the fence and stuck him with an illegal knee – and again, didn't even had a point taken. I am sorry Khabib lost his nerve, because now he'll have to face the visa/financial consequences, and sorry that other people got hurt, but this was all a result of everyone sucking someone's lollipop for a few years now. And you were as in on the flood of insults towards Khabib, as everybody else. So stop dragging Khabib's name thru the mud and seriously, no one here has amnisia.

  6. Are we gonna ignore the fact that conor started a fight in the cage and no one is talking about this? Yes he got jumped by his own actions of course he didnt wanna pursue to press charges…
    But answer me this. Why does he gets his fight purse but khabib doesnt?
    Khabib started everything but damn tho we cant ignore him like hes a victim he started shit too!

    Skip to 0:27 as khabib is scraping with team McGregor you can see conor on top of the cage and trying to go and help but hes being held. One if khabib mates yries to do the same but conor takes a swing and hits him twice this insues now some of khabib's team to get in the cage and fight conor. Check yhe footage and see it for yourself. Im not a khabib nut hugger but im just stating facts. I see now why conor didnt wanna press charges REMEMBER SKIP TO 0:26 TO SEE HOW THE FIGHT IN THE CAGE HAPPENS. PLEASE SHARE THE RAL TRUTH AND CONOR SHOULDN'T GET A PURSE TOO ITS KEEP IT FARE AND SQUARE.

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