UFC 229 Khabib vs. McGregor Fight Diary: Day 2 | Luke Thomas

Khabib Niurmagomedov and Conor McGregor were supposed to square off at today’s press conference, but that didn’t happen. McGregor went off on Ali Abdelaziz, a reporter wondered about ‘hunger’, Khabib left early, Dana White did an impromptu scrum and more. Mike Bohn of MMA Junkie and I reflect on day two.

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  1. Colby is the text msg tuff guy, the badest man on Instagram, the mouth on the microphone, the cop calling killer

  2. Khabib would have been drained if he faced Conor at the presser, for sure he saved himself the energy. But he also came across as lame for leaving. Conor was right, he didn’t want to be there, it was obvious. Conor is always late, this was all anticipated. Khabib took an out. Stay Hungry Luke lol 😝

  3. Someone needs to teach Mike how to use a mic. Constantly talking in and out of the mic messing up the levels, switching hands or moving it in his hands sounds like shit.

  4. IMO Khabib walked out with the W. He said it prior that he wasn't going to wait for Conor if he showed up late. He would've lost in the verbal exchanges regardless, considering Conor kills people whose native language is English. It would've just been mundane, repetitive and childish insults with maybe some sly remarks here and there. It's the gist of the McGregor show.Why subject yourself to that when you're going to "lose" anyways in an especially pro-Irish crowd? I also much prefer Conor on the mic alone. The fighter McGregor shines and we get less Clown McGregor.

  5. From his own mouth, Jon said he use to snitch on the kids who smoked weed at school.

  6. Mike actually knows how to handle Luke, he fires back and answer Lukes banter with a smile, you can tell Luke enjoys it. Really good duo and a fun watch, looking forward to tomorrows cast.

  7. If Mike Bohn was straight and into girls then I'm 400 years old and drink alien blood.

  8. This is the only guy I have seen that does not take any shit from Luke. I really like these keep it up. 🙂

  9. Lol brazilians have nothing to live for dude…in brazil they even stab their politicians if they dont agree here they just accuse you of sexual assault which is probably a step in the right direction…

  10. Mike – word of advice: keep your answers short and to the point. you'll notice Luke cut you off a bunch to keep you from rambling. also, when he's answering a question, LET HIM ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION.

  11. ali cant sue anyone.. as a informant he would have signed to not reveal anything that goes on.. be hard winning a legal argument if you cant say anything to disprove your counterpart.. and thats if anything is said thats untrue..

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