UFC 229: Khabib vs. McGregor Fight Diary: Day 1 | Luke Thomas


  1. We have a great fight ahead and you start the conversation on a internet troll? Yawned myself to the close app button

  2. Khabib also has a 10 fight win streak, feel like no one is mentioning this while constantly talking about Tony

  3. First time I drunk whisky I just vomitted. In Poland we just drink vodka. From coloured ones Żubrówka and Gorzka Żołądkowa are good

  4. That was awfullll…honestly turned it off in 5 mins of hearing Bohn

  5. Hate to be a hater but Bohn talks a lot while saying virtually nothing.

  6. So Luke couldnt care less when Khabib hits back with "These guys talk about great fight with English empire, but his grandfather Christopher McGregor, he worked for the English navy. He killed his people.” But Conors insults were genius WTF. I thought that was a great come back from Khabib given the shit said by Conor!

  7. Welcome to drunken hedgehog n' otter-pop man MMA analysis…good stuff critters, keep buggin!

  8. the year is 2025, and Luke Thomas has finally settled into his final form of podcast host of "the anything goes, let's just have fun drinking show".

  9. Luke,they dress up like conor because they're irish fanboys.The irish have got zero sports teams,so obviously conor is the CENTRE of their world.You need to realise these fanboys don't represent all mma fans,so please stop being so conor centric.

  10. I would love to see SOMEBODY in the media just being objective and not crawling up Conor McGregor's ass.

  11. Dude this cuts out baaaad quite a few times. Your content is always on point but there's a pretty big problem with the audio and video quality on your channel. Hoping you can turn that issue around because it's the only thing keeping this from being a 10 out of 10 channel. Cheers Luke

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