UFC 229: Khabib vs. McGregor Fight Diary: Day 1 | Luke Thomas


  1. Dude this cuts out baaaad quite a few times. Your content is always on point but there's a pretty big problem with the audio and video quality on your channel. Hoping you can turn that issue around because it's the only thing keeping this from being a 10 out of 10 channel. Cheers Luke

  2. I would love to see SOMEBODY in the media just being objective and not crawling up Conor McGregor's ass.

  3. Luke,they dress up like conor because they're irish fanboys.The irish have got zero sports teams,so obviously conor is the CENTRE of their world.You need to realise these fanboys don't represent all mma fans,so please stop being so conor centric.

  4. the year is 2025, and Luke Thomas has finally settled into his final form of podcast host of "the anything goes, let's just have fun drinking show".

  5. Welcome to drunken hedgehog n' otter-pop man MMA analysis…good stuff critters, keep buggin!

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