Tyron Woodley Says Khabib vs. Floyd Mayweather Is Very Likely To Happen | The Hollywood Beatdown

The Champ is back in the building! UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley joins Evan from TMZ Sports to break down the potential Khabib vs. Floyd Mayweather boxing fight, Canleo Alvarez’s MASSIVE payday and brought in a special guest. You don’t want to miss this episode, or Tyron will Beat Yo A**.


  1. People are retarded enough to buy this fight like the last mayweather v mcgregor

  2. If Floyd take seriously go debut UFC fight with monkey as Khabib I knew Conor will get excited about fight With Floyd. Because Conor want rematch with Floyd same for Monkey as Khabib

  3. Lol stfu tell Floyd to fight khabib in mma n beat him to say that he is the greatest fighter n plz bitch don't call urself stronger then khabib .M sure khabib can go atleast 4-8 rounds in boxing ring n Floyd nt even 2 in ufc 😂

  4. Money talks – if you have a $x00,000,000 opportunity available, why not? Money can buy your legacy depending what you do with it – actions outside the ring just important as those inside it.

  5. Khabib ‘I knocked down Conor McGregor once so now I’m going to beat the best pound for pound boxer of all time’ Nurmagamedov

  6. Khabib punch on connor was a fluke, he was on edge about takedowns. Khabib would be useless imo if he couldnt take his opponent down to the ground.

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