The Rat King Theo Von Crashes Michael Rapaport’s TFATK Party


  1. I love how the comedy just naturally flows out of Theo. it's like a life force that he is tapped into.

  2. Rapaport is a total regressive. Self hater. Sucking black cock for virtue. Hes also not funny at all. Alot like most "comedians"

  3. 1) The road to the strap, goes through the rat
    2) Stem cell donations for Brian
    3) Tickle that nickel
    4) Robbing Peter to pay Porzingis
    5) I just put a lunge bar in my car
    6) Brendan Showers
    7) Hold the gold
    8) Feel the steel
    9) Enjoy the alloy
    10) Happy days are here again

    This is insanity. Theo is on another level. Guest of the year voting is now closed. Consider this his statement piece. This will be discussed for generations.

  4. Rappaport will get done for rape or sexual assault one day mark my words. The guys a cancer. Biggest asshole in comedy even worse than Louis the fucking creep. Can’t believe this guy has a successful career. Fuck rappaport

  5. I hate fake laughter. If someone's not funny, let them know, you dont have to make unnatural noises with a confused look on your face. Sign in to our chatroom or just dial our hotline at 1-800 YOURASSAINTFUNNY.

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