The MMA Beat: Episode 205 – MMA Fighting


  1. So, Conor McGregor, a foreigner, comes to America and commits violent crimes on American soil against American citizens, and his punishment is more positive endorsements and promotion by the American public. LOL

  2. Thanks for the coverage guys you lot as well as Ariel now on ESPN are always leading the way with fight content but it is appreciated your content is still free and easily accessible on youtube. Everyone else, it's been a crazy build up and it should be a crazy night on Saturday, passions may be high but that just means the fight matters, regardless of who your backing enjoy it and stay safe out there.

  3. In Vegas drinking whiskey with 3 friends talking about the mcgregor vs khabib card were all about to see live. I’m jealous

  4. Luke – I can some 'spanish' and have a need to show it everyGODDAMNwhere- Thomas

  5. If someone I know shows me one of those filthy bottles I will take them down, play with them, talk a little bit and then SMASH!!!

  6. First to comment! OMFG! Wow… well… It doesn't really feel special. Actually, I feel kinda stupid for having written this :-/

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