The MMA Beat: Episode 205 – MMA Fighting


  1. Notice how Conor never wants to fight good strikers. He never wants to fight Ferguson, Lee or even Barbosa. He thought he was going to get Eddy Alvarez in Khabib so he wanted to fight him. Now he has no choice but to fight other strikers. Not a washed up Nate Diaz. But killers at 155. His 170 dream is over. Woodley, Till and Thompson would all kill him.

  2. Phoenix is a great analyst & adds good energy to this already great show. Please keep her as a regular.

  3. Khabib vs Nate or Khabib vs Tony is the fight, but which is the bigger threat for Khabib?

  4. Khaboob is an idiot. McGregor does everything to sell the fight and made Khaboob millions. When does Khaboob finally do something to sell the fight? After it's over.

  5. Chael has it right, all those saying Conor through the first punch can shove it up their ass.

  6. Luke's talking about how there aren't enough fighters to fill the "bottom tier" of a new 165 division, meanwhile, the UFC implemented a women's 145 division with what? 2 applicable fighters?

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