The long awaited UFC 230 main event has been revealed…


  1. people dont wanna see it the fight because people dont know who the FOOK is Sijara Eubanks,shit even joe brogan said he dont know who she is

  2. Its all coming out now.Mcgregors great grandad was english who fought in the british navy.What do think about that chael.khabib has just destroyed him.

  3. I don't know what I'm more disappointed with. The extremely disappointing main event for MSG (I mean really, how do even market this fight to more casual fans???) or the fact that Joana vs Valentina has been canceled for a fighter no one's even heard of!!

  4. There are less tough guys because there are more smart athletes who don't want to fight a monsters in the bullet on short notice. You sound like the old man complaining about he had to walk 30 miles in the snow.

  5. The message is ufc is pandering to non core audience and the lesson will be don’t do it in the future if you’re a commercial enterprise.

  6. I think people are mad due to being under the impression that the UFC DID NOT try to put together something else.
    People didn’t hear the inside info and then decide to be salty. They only understand the situation from an outside perspective. So this is what you call A STRAWMAN

  7. You can be an unknown with an average record, and you can fight for a world championship at Madison Square Gardens, if you are in shape to take a short notice fight, and if you grab your opportunity. That's not a bad lesson. Good for Sijara Eubanks.

  8. I knew I had to see Chael's reaction to this shit. I wasn't disappointed. This man is a modern day Marcus Arelius

  9. Wow so positive Chael. Sure good fight for a Fight Night. This is MSG! Headlining over Diaz and Porier?! Give me a break. Now that's a Dana White slap.

  10. i think the real problem and robbery is the dustin/nate fight is only 3 rounds. what kind of shit is that? make that fight the main event and put bullet/eubanks as co main. were going to be wondering wtf wouldve happened in the nate/dustin fight if we had 2 more rounds. actually ridiculous. neither guy will finish each other that early.

  11. But cmon you know a 5-rounder with Dustin vs. Nate would have been more exciting and would sell better.

  12. Chael might as well be employed doing PR for the UFC. Couldn't be a bigger shill, seriously.

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