The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 400


  1. Just watched the 229 breakdown podcast, he is such a tool, "dogfight just like i called it" lying abiut fights just to be right, connor got whooped and cheated the whole time

  2. I miss Nate Diaz…."I'm not surprised motherfuckers!" That's how a real fighter answers the hype train that Conor brings, derail it and act like yove been there before. Khabib is an ameture. Conor is soft. Bring back the real mixed martial arts fighters, and quit with the style vs style weak shit.

  3. LMAO THEY BELIEVE DR FORD!? HAHAHAHAHHA wow. Ultimate uninformed, low IQ, bugman take.

  4. Omg.. I got sick in my mouth..Brendan and Brian could you please reach out to these bside Podcast.. I thought Ariel and the bad guy was hard enough to digest I have stumbled upon Sammy and the talk to these people please..

  5. someone needs to draw a pic of shaub wearing a necklace with mcgreggor's dick hanging off of it

  6. its funny how callen makes more sense than shaub about fights whenever connor gets brought up. irish cumm in your eyes mutch???

  7. If Schaub hasn't seen Knock Knock or Green Inferno those are two crazy killer flicks by Eli Roth.

  8. Brendan " strong opinion cuz i saw a news headline on Huffpo" Schaub

  9. You guys need to watch A Quiet Place if you haven't already. Not super original but it's legit.

  10. Rosanne is a comedian who said some mean outlandish shit ..So what!.. What pisses me off is that no one but Rogan defends her. These Cucks are so quick to please the SJWs that they will bow down and call her crazy while they let the leftys put comedy in a box. When its 2030 and you can't have comedy any more I don't want to hear any of you f***s crying that you can't say what you want on stage. Sam Kinison wouldn't have stood for it. You guys are soft. Rosanne is not a racist obviously. Do your research.

  11. What comment section is brendan talking about? All the comments i see is people being on khabibs side. This guy is such a dumbass

  12. Wasn't The Land Before Time main character Littlefoot an Apatosaurus or long neck or whatever?

  13. schaub is dumb dumb khabib is massive star I believe he's bigger than conor now. he has 12 million followers on instagram schaub you are idiot

  14. dude Brendan is so fucked up every comment section i have seen on every social media platform has been pro khabib its clear brendan is going to ride conor like a bronco and try to use his platform to give khabib negative plublicity to do what he can (which isn't much) to give khabib bad press and a bad reputation

  15. Please stop making excuses for mctapper, he lost, accept it.

    Just because reality doesn't fit your fandom, doesn't mean reality changes.

  16. What Brendan saying!!! Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought the game plan was to walk khabib down bc khabib is always better when he’s marching forward

  17. BRENDAN…you fucking teenage PUMPKIN… you FORRSUREEEE bought that t shirt for the sole purpose to match your new off white nikes…. time to do a sneaker collection video..

  18. Schaub is wrong about Khabib's popularity. How much longer can mctapper's fans delude themselves? he looked horrible against the eagle.

    If UFC is smart, they'll match him up with someone out of the top 3. Ferguson or Lee would smash him for sure

  19. Brian should start a podcast called history with the kid and him and all three of his listeners can take turns blowing each other's heads off for fun because they're that bored.

  20. "Naw, little foot is Land Before time, Little foot is the main character."
    – Hell, yeah. My boy Schaub knows whats up.
    "The triceratops."

  21. Hey chin you should ask Brendan how he feels about 75% of the people that listen to this podcast can't stand him. I don't think he's a "drawl" as Brendan the Airhead would say. IT'S DRAW YOU F U C K stop saying drawl.

  22. TAP, TAP "Who is there"? "Conor". Conor who? "Conor Mctapper".

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