The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 400


  1. TAP, TAP "Who is there"? "Conor". Conor who? "Conor Mctapper".

  2. Hey chin you should ask Brendan how he feels about 75% of the people that listen to this podcast can't stand him. I don't think he's a "drawl" as Brendan the Airhead would say. IT'S DRAW YOU F U C K stop saying drawl.

  3. "Naw, little foot is Land Before time, Little foot is the main character."
    – Hell, yeah. My boy Schaub knows whats up.
    "The triceratops."

  4. Brian should start a podcast called history with the kid and him and all three of his listeners can take turns blowing each other's heads off for fun because they're that bored.

  5. Schaub is wrong about Khabib's popularity. How much longer can mctapper's fans delude themselves? he looked horrible against the eagle.

    If UFC is smart, they'll match him up with someone out of the top 3. Ferguson or Lee would smash him for sure

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