The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 399: Josh Wolf


  1. OGO was late because he found it fashionable to be a Dagestanian savage, and take down yo expectations much!

  2. Also khabib is a sociopathic idiot. "I just caused all this shit, now give me my belt." Fuck him. Shred his Visa. He can laugh at homeless people in his home country

  3. 1:35:00

    Brendan: It wasn't a mauling.

    I'm definitely going to believe the actual fighter and not the kid lol. These casual MMA fans dick riding.

  4. Respect for hiring the old actor guy to pretend to be Bryan…. Really carrying out his wish of continuing the podcast. Rest in peace Callen.

  5. When Josh Wolf said his special was "father of the year". I jumped straight to thinking that was his finishing fighting move.

  6. Okay, I listen on stitcher but came here just to say, even though I think Josh is a cool guy and a great guest, is his laugh just not a bit too much? Like sometimes I feel he forces it a bit to make things that are slightly funny appear thigh slappinly hilarious. I don't think he's fake I don't get that fake vibe from him, but god it got annoying.

  7. There’s nothing gayer than Brandon Shob when he crosses his legs in skinny jeans..

    ..except Brandon Shob crossing his ankles @19:59

  8. Brendan sounds so pretentious when they talk about fighting. While the others are giving their thoughts, he's looking off, gazing at nothing, scratching his neck like he's too good for them. Clearly not caring about anything they say if it doesn't align with his opinion.

  9. Brendan’s face as he says ”double d’s” at 36:10 is priceless. Never seen him so excited. Hahahahahaha

  10. Brendan is one of those people who will never admit he was as wrong, he said ppv would suck and Connor sleeps him

  11. Don't take a fucking beard trimmer to your balls. Use a razor! Or, fuck it, use a weedeater.

  12. The new Bryan hologram is working near flawlessly, good work Chin with the clutch install halfway through the podcast. RIP Callen

  13. Agree completely with Brendan I'm 6'6" 250 and finding anything to drive in is beyond difficult and I have to buy all my clothes online cause clothes companies think tall is 3 inches longer try 5 just try it

  14. Schaub wearing his Conor fan boys goggles. Conor didn't win in any aspect of the fight. Making excuses for him, just take the L. and a 1 year to 16 month suspension….that's a bit much tbh. fine him, suspend him 6 months. move on.

  15. I'm very against any ass enhancement. Because tits you can't do anything about, your born with it. But your butt? Fucking hit the gym!

  16. Hearing this podcast just confirms how much BRANDON is Connor BUTLER!!! WTF is he talking about?!?!!?!?!? Your FUK boii got smashed ! Take the L!!! Just stop already ! He is the new Social Media Comedian aka sound cloud mumble rapper!!

  17. This guy has the most annoying voice/laugh I’ve ever heard! This is the first ever tfadk I had to turn off! Also less kat, let chin handle it

  18. How can Brendan say it wasn't a mulling blows my mind , and to say there wasn't a 10 . 8 round is dumb , the 2nd round was 10 8 to the Russian!

  19. Brenden is beyond stupid. He said he thought it was a dog fight and then called Khabib dropping Conor a slip. Lmao!!! He might be the most annoying Conor fan I’ve ever seen. Brenden just praying Khabib gets a long suspension and stripped. 😂. Hey Brenden, how about all that cheating your boy did during the fight? Not a peep about that eh?

  20. Jeez Brenden every time you talk about dicks you just shit my confidence. I mean come on it's not our fault.

  21. Brendan should put his shoe of the day in the description so I can know exactly what kind of shoes I can't afford

  22. My dad got cancer when I was a teen so i never went through that beat up my dad phase… l.. o.. l…

  23. Does Brian actually think that Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg are going to be the ones that save the world…? Or is he just sucking his CFR member father's ass again?

  24. Today kids are too sensitive. In my days Chael Sonnen destroyed the whole Brazilian Country and Anderson Silva´s family in front of the whole world. After Silva destroyed him, it was all done. Khabib is a drama queen crying for respect, but all of that will be forgotten when he gets his millions of dollars thanks to Conor promotion and trash talk before the fight.

  25. I really, really, really, really want to know how many middle schoolers it would take to beat up Schaub now.

  26. Can Kat do or say anything not "viiht-nese" related? Can't just get breast implants, they have to be viihtneese ones.

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