Should Fighters agree to schedule/opponent changes?


  1. Depends on whats at stake for the fighter and what the training camp was like for them. Did they over train a certain aspect in order to counter a previously scheduled fighter’s strengths? If so, they could probably benefit from turning down the fight.

  2. I get it. What chaell is saying is true, but you guys are not making pizza. you are fighting in a cage so doing it at a drop of a hat or changing contracts in a bout agreement can be an issue and I understand where the fighters are coming from. Also the UFC loves saying these guys are independent contractors but then shiting on them like an employer does to an employee he doesn't like when they don't do exactly what the company tells them to

  3. i think if a fighter can make the weight they should take the fight even if it is on short notice. I understand not being able to make weight in a shorter time span, fast forwarding your weight cut is not an easy task. However if you look at some of the most loved fighters in the sport, almost all of them are well known for taking fights on short notice, or even saving cards after a fighter falls out due to an injury or any other reason. In the fight game I believe you should always be ready to take a fight no matter when it is. If you have to cut a lot of weight, maybe consider moving up a weight class and make your life a little bit easier.

  4. Chael is imagining the mic is Conors díck in the thumbnail

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