Remind me…why are promoters scheduling 5 round main events?

On his You’re Welcome podcast, Chael Sonnen questions the logic of 5 round mixed martial arts fights. If the Super Bowl is the same length of regular season game, why are the main event and title fights in MMA fights longer? The chance of injury increases and longer fights change the training required to compete making it harder to book last minute fights.


  1. Actually basketball has a series of up to 7 games for the championship and in both basketball and football there has been talk on how the season is to long, or has to many games. And it’s hard on the body.

  2. I agree with Chael. Watching that fight with Romero v Whittaker, by rounds 4 & 5, I got this weird feeling that the fight should have been over. It was like I finally could see why ppl thought it was barbaric, lol. And it WAS boring, save for the near-finishes.

    However, Whittaker was injured in the first round.

  3. drop in credibility here i am sad to say.
    fighters saying "no" on the phone is far from an excuse for the biggest venue to have this main event – and Chael you know it. you believed it was Jones/Gus up until recently exactly because of this simple fact – it was impossible in your own eyes that MSG wouldn't have a great main event. Lots of smoke screen here too – 5 rounds and whatnot and war veterans and all – why not ask a veteran if giving excuses as to why a mission failed is never a defense for a commander.
    it is probably much simpler: the ufc corporation has decided it would school its dissident private contractors and prevent them from gaining any leverage in negotiations – and in the process they are willing to piss on their ppv buyers. that's not too surprising – the UFC are business and they are not in the best of shape right now.
    what is surprising is that the insightful, observant and fluent Chael is avoiding any mention of the part about how the cake is carved up in this business (for anyone but the Irish phenom).
    It saddens me a bit.

  4. wasn't yoel injured in rd 1 and whittaker in rd 2? also, johnson vs cejudo 2??? He's been wrong on everything today, seems to be running out of shit to talk about.

  5. Some of the best fights have been 5 rounds, McGregor vs Diaz, Jones vs Gustafsson, Lawler vs McDonald, etc…

  6. If u pay 70 dollars to see McGregor vs khabib , ud be upset if it was only 15 min

  7. I’d love to see 1 round fights with a time cap. Maybe 8-12 minutes.

    I’m sure there’s reasons why that’s bad.

    Your thoughts?

  8. Some of the greatest fights ever were 5 round wars. Lawler vs MacDonald, Conor vs Nate 2. It's the sport you chose to be in, and it's just how it's done. It stuns you when someone questions you? You're not the supreme authority on everything Chael, stop speaking for everyone.

  9. The clock should start at zero and count up as far as im concerned sorry chael

  10. Whittaker said he injured himself in the first round so doesn’t make a difference if it was 3 or 5 rounds.. should make it 15 rounds 50min per round 💪

  11. This makes mma fighters look weak. Athletes should have good cardio regardless of any sport. You want to be successful in a five round fight work on your damn cardio. If your cardio good you won’t gas out.

  12. They don't play four quarters in middle school basketball

    They don't even play four quarters in COLLEGE BASKETBALL

    And in hockey they only play for a full hour once they get close to the professional level

    But go ahead, Chael, keep making whack comparisons to other sports you don't know about

  13. Fights for the belt should be five rounds. But I agree main events not for the belt should not be. Just think about it.

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