Monday Morning Analyst: Luke Thomas Breaks Down Gegard Mousasi’s Dominant Win Over Rory MacDonald


  1. Exzellent analysis – also I don't think that Mousasi's win had anything to do with a size advantage ! Mousasi simply is one of best MMA fighters of all time and Rory is "just" a very good fighter !

  2. Hate on Luke all you want, but you all know Ariel wouldn’t have the technical knowledge of MMA to do this

  3. I'm not sure why Rorey even went for that. I guess he was trying to be unpredictable but it just seems like the wrong thing to do in hindsight. But then again if it worked he would seem like a genius. That's why I love fighting

  4. The smaller man should never attempt something like this for fear of ending up on bottom.

  5. I like the set up, but i feel as if it's missing a certain someone

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