McGregor vs Nurmagomedov, Tyron Woodley, Brett Okamoto | EPISODE 173 | ANIK AND FLORIAN PODCAST


  1. why is Ray Long still salty after his boy got whooped by Khabib. of course he is rooting for khabib to smash Conor. so it ups Al's stock. McGregors footwork, fluidity, angles, accuracy, precision, etc, etc. are all better than Al's. Longo is a.good coach but needs to stop.

  2. Weidman vs Rockhold as the main event at MSG? That's lame!! 2 fighters past their prime, mIght as well book a Rampage vs Wanderlei fight!!
    Boo ya!!

  3. Yea Longo your breakdown was kinda off on this one….I won’t say breakdown but the way you said it and your hating on Kevin Lee for Al

  4. So Kenny picks Conor and Chael picks Khabib. Neither one can pick their nose so their predictions cancel each other out.

  5. Look at there resumes there is no comparison give the Irish man his props. Khahib is the underdog hopefully he comes ready because like Conor said he parked a real champ inside two rounds. He's in over his head

  6. Let's face it barboza is on the downslope khahib haven't faced anyone and I mean no one. Iaquinta is a bum with heart that's it

  7. Just like too add longo is based. Bad guest too have on for a opinion

  8. I'm with you kenflo he has too close the distance. Good luck khahib

  9. Ray Longo says Conor McGregor’s boxing skills won’t have a role in this fight is he high you got to be kidding me. Connor is a warrior you don’t have to grow up in a Third World country to have no fear remember the last DC fight knock out

  10. Khabib is an amateur that’s has a patted record. He’s only fought bums. Russian bear will be dominated by The Irish gorilla. It’s be like Eddie vs Conor except khabib won’t have the balls to stand and trade with Conor, his standup is amateur at best. Bye bye khabib. When you get back to Russia in defeat, try not to shoot up the town.

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