Make a Choice | This Past Weekend #141


  1. Off to bed, saw this just in time to fall asleep to 🌙😽

  2. Saw you in Appleton this weekend Theo! It was awesome and you killed! Thank you for everything! Gang gang!

  3. Resisting those dark arts everyday thanks for dropping knowledge theo gang gang.

  4. Theo, just want to sincerely say thank you for being you and for being a voice for people with real problems and showing the way to overcome them.
    You are the light at the end of the tunnel my friend.

  5. Toeodoro, what the fuck bruh?! I thought you were doing God’s work! as a vessel for our lord, you have no right to talk about the precious deliciousness known as honeydew melon. I’m seriously offended.

  6. Theo: what’s up you flannel wearing spunk ponies?
    me: looks down, sees myself wearing a flannel

  7. I know it's a lot of work but can you bring back the vlogs we'd love to see life on the road

  8. Theo you are putting in work man! I've been waiting for a F&tK and you've put out 3 since there last one. Boss up! Lol love the podcast sir keep it up

  9. So true about the big folks with bright color clothes. They don’t have access to those earth tones and matte color hitters. Strictly highlighter hues for that husky heft community.

  10. Make a choice? Deal. Love you, Theo. (Damn I wish I got tix for your show in Addison next month, but already sold out! Get em!)

  11. Drying her tears with a Hamburger Bun…CMONNN ERECTION TOWN! Gang Gang Boiiii

  12. Theooo! Do you write out half of your advertisements on to cue cards then just wing it?

  13. Celebrate living! Where's the true fans thumbs up ! Monday hitter my work day just got way better gang gang onward ladies and gents

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