Let’s revisit the Khabib/Conor UFC 229 post-fight melee…


  1. You have to be kidding me Chelle. Striped because he sitting for 12 months but Connor can be away for two years? Give me a break with this garbage

  2. da yes put a roof on with several strategic cams all over the place this would protect the fighters and give us many angles to study and appreciate this art of fighting HELL YEAH !

  3. chael , i think what bothers most people about your opinion of this situation is, how negatively you are viewing khabibs actions compared to how you reacted to all of mcgregors past antics. you are practically throwing the book at khabib for his actions on the 6th october. but when mcgregor slapped a bellator referee, insulted khabibs religion, family etc and threw the dolly at the bus, injuring people and having 3 fights cancelled. you were no where near as negative or as punishing as you are now, with khabib. your supposed to be and analyst/commentator for the game and your opinion is just so biased and clear to see. your going to lose a lot of fans, which i think you already have, judging by the comments and its a pity really. also not once have you mentioned the cheating tactics connor used in the cage, pulling on khabibs gloves, kneeing a downed opponent and using the fence with both his hands and feet to claim an unfair advantage. its just khabib this and khabib that!!! sort it out mate!!

  4. wait a minute I thought I saw them pull conner back in before he got out Chael is not lawyering very well.

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