Let’s revisit the Khabib/Conor UFC 229 post-fight melee…


  1. wait a minute I thought I saw them pull conner back in before he got out Chael is not lawyering very well.

  2. chael , i think what bothers most people about your opinion of this situation is, how negatively you are viewing khabibs actions compared to how you reacted to all of mcgregors past antics. you are practically throwing the book at khabib for his actions on the 6th october. but when mcgregor slapped a bellator referee, insulted khabibs religion, family etc and threw the dolly at the bus, injuring people and having 3 fights cancelled. you were no where near as negative or as punishing as you are now, with khabib. your supposed to be and analyst/commentator for the game and your opinion is just so biased and clear to see. your going to lose a lot of fans, which i think you already have, judging by the comments and its a pity really. also not once have you mentioned the cheating tactics connor used in the cage, pulling on khabibs gloves, kneeing a downed opponent and using the fence with both his hands and feet to claim an unfair advantage. its just khabib this and khabib that!!! sort it out mate!!

  3. da yes put a roof on with several strategic cams all over the place this would protect the fighters and give us many angles to study and appreciate this art of fighting HELL YEAH !

  4. You have to be kidding me Chelle. Striped because he sitting for 12 months but Connor can be away for two years? Give me a break with this garbage

  5. Chael is right . Khabib cousin run from the other side of octagon and jumped the fence twice and went right next to conor to throw oil to the fire

  6. Does anyone else find a problem with the security being 2 fat old men trying to stop Khabib from jumping the cage in an extremely heated moment?🤦🏽‍♂️If there was someone trained and fit there Khabib would’ve never been able to jump the cage. It is security’s fault imo for not having qualified personnel inside the ring

  7. Chael is 100% correct and the law would be on Conor's side. Conor also stopped fighting and Khabib's people kept after him.

  8. Chael, Conor didnt decide to get back in. He got pulled back in by an official

  9. Team members talk shit nonstop at every fight! No one does what Khabib did. The man is just from a more serious culture and therefore isn’t used to shit talking. He just can’t handle it.

  10. khabibs brother wasn't even looking at conor when he got hit. look at what is, not what you want to see Chael

  11. Khabib´s cousin was going to jump Dillan too, Connor stalled him with the punch in order to defend his friend. Those chchen mofos are as dirty as they come.

  12. Keep up the bias and noome will respect your opinion because you’re wrong, no one is always right even someone with the hugest ego like you so disappointed after all the years of following your career what a shame.

  13. My argument is that he may have thought his brother was about to jump in there himself and try to attack conor’s team

  14. Sonnen you’re the shit!!! I do want to say that Connor having the right to be there doesn’t give him the right to hit somebody. In one of the videos we also see that dude Dillon physically suggest to Khabib to come at him! Its allot bullshit involved here! Love your channel!!!

  15. This is a pretty aggressive offer, not very persuasive.

  16. Sticks and stone will break your bones, but mere words will make the eagle lose it

  17. khabibs corner guy who was on the cage was leaving the cage and had his back to conor then conor hit him repeatedly ffs chael we know you hate muslims and foreigners in general but be objective in your judgements in mma please. your right it doesnt matter that much who threw the first punch. i see the inside and outside the octagon as two seperate incidents

  18. All of you, "wat I do offica? Wat I do? I ain't do nuttin?" I'm so surprised there's not more chaos in our already chaotic, free world

  19. If you are going to have such a painful journey to the truth, just pack it in and find something else to do with your time, listening to your bullshit has a cost in time and bandwidth.

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