King and the ‘Sping: Michael Bisping | This Past Weekend #136


  1. My two favorite dudes. No homo….cause it's not gay if you say no homo. Like a disclaimer.

  2. The King and then Sping,
    Good lord that is hilarious,
    Need the Rat King on the BYM next.

  3. Pro-tip, start doing this shit togheter, you guys will be the doom of TFK. Also, Bisping would have beaten the shit outta Schaub in a fight, let's just be honest about that. And Theo is also way funnier than Callen, it's a killer combo guys.

  4. Great guest, liked Bisping ever since the first time I saw him on TUF. Man the years just fly by, don't they?

  5. OH YEA ENGLAND said be my guest and they let us do our own thing? guess he forgot history eh m8? got ya ass spanked by some farmers bro.. figured bisping would be less pompous and ignorant..
    now hating on halloween parties and adults dressing up?? LMAO fuck him

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