KILL TONY 301 – Kill Tony Mania #2


  1. But planned parenthood does not perform abortions?! What if every political party lies?! …*malfunction*…*reprogramming*…*beep boop*…Trump is Hitler. Haha what edgy comedy.

  2. Fuckin Breadpan… His funniest joke was hating on Android. He might have better upload speed if he switched.

  3. Im not saying the host of this podcast can breath under water … But they should call this show "Gill Tony" !!!!

  4. Legit thought chroma Chris was going to be mr Rogers at first lol

  5. Joelberg's bk joke… so good. Edit: fucking great episode!

  6. Pat Regan > Chromachris even if you think he’s not funny atleast he adds something to the show. A show where talking is the format

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