1. William Montgomery has a good ear for mood on stage. Things a little fractious recently between TH, JW and JJ. The show's a heavy commitment. Wonder if Jeremiah Wonders if he should be there so much. Who knows. This is a great show. Long may it last.

  2. It will never stop amazing me when some of these people bomb for 1 minute and then you find out they've been doing "comedy" (at least what they think it is) for 5+ years. How in the fuck has exactly 0 of their friends not told them to stop. You would think the lack of laughter would be enough, unfortunately it's not.

  3. I'm not saying she sings like shit, but, she sings like shit……
    All the people clapping are really doing drunk hand slap.

  4. At both shows had a blast. Never talk crap about his wife FYI. That lady roasted who did 😮😃

  5. holy shit did anyone else get a bit emo when Pat sang to his mom? Fucking beautiful moment despite the weird song.

  6. that story was the worst thing iv'e ever listened too by Pat Regans mom… Now I know where he gets his sense of humor.

  7. I feel bad for the last comic, he had a great set but was pushed off way to quick by the time limit because the previous cuck was an asshole

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