1. the worst part is the comedians are as bad as the people trying out…….. fuck this is bad..

  2. these would be so much better if tony wasn't on them n it was someone else. he has a really camp voice.

  3. Another fine episode with great sound right from the board. Much appreciated. Thanks Breadfan!

  4. God what is with all these guests interrupting constantly, no awareness. Fuck Danny Brown and Fuck MATT BRAUNGER.

  5. one of the funnest nights of my life. please come back guys

  6. Wow Matt Braunger is trash. You dont get to do jeremiah's jokes and picking on redban kills the bit. gtfoh.

  7. am i the only one who thinks the last girls legs are all kinds of wierd?

  8. My new roommate is a chick from Ireland, we were having dinner together with my two other roommates. She said January and I started laughing like an idiot.

  9. 24:51
    one of my favorite things about this show is watching jeremiah stay in character after he says something, the facial expressions always get to me

  10. Why can't you guys (Redban) have this good of Audio when you guys first upload episodes at the Comedy Store?

  11. matt braunger is bomb city…snooze fest. unnecessary. big dork. don't be a guest again for sure though

  12. That Irish dude was trash and so was his stupid fuckin dolphin story. Why don't you all line up and suck his dick for speaking like EVERYONE ELSE IN HIS FUCKING COUNTRY.

  13. and they didnt roast stephen?! why…. he went over a min and didnt even get to a punchline… uh whaaa

  14. I love how every guest is going to be judged on the Danny Brown scale from this point forward.

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