1. I grew up and live in detroit, and this episode was fucking atrocious because of how fucked up Danny was and/or how he just wouldn't shut the fuck up for one moment.

    They played it off pretty well, but I feel like if he wasn't so popular they'd have shut him the fuck down way more than once.

  2. Danny brown cracked me up, reminded me of classic o&a bits where jimmy reads the funnies and all the listeners are annoyed that they cant here the punchline.

  3. Whoever the quest was he obviously has never listened to a single episode. He drowned everyone with constant inside jokes for himself. Not a good look if gonna be on a podcast should do a little homework see how the flow works.

  4. People are afraid of something they don't understand. Clearly all these privileged faggots are hating on Danny Brown because they have never been around a crack head in their adult life. They stay sheltered and just spend money from their daddy's credit card. With that being said Danny Brown wasn't funny but he also wasn't as annoying as Doug Benson. At least Danny doesn't claim to be a comedian.

  5. You know it’s fucking terrible when Bryan redban is laughing at the jokes because him and Danny Brown are on the same frequency when it comes to TRYING TO BEiNG FUNNY TRYING key word brian was dying laughing at everything Danny said and all of
    It all of it was absolute trash .

  6. Almost at more dislikes than likes. I never thought that'd happen to a Kill Tony episode, but I definitely see it happening for this one.

  7. every single week i have one of my favourite comedians, one of the best comedians in the world as a guest and this week is quite different

  8. Tonys energy was off tonight dont know whats wrong with him i mean he looks pretty spunky with that lesbian gelled spiked hair n that tight denim jean jacket

  9. this is why weed and cool-aid dont mix lmao danny is almost pookey -like …. i see flint is making its way to Detroit!!!!

  10. I still prefer Danny Brown than Doug Benson as a guest. At least Danny has a sense of humor.

  11. danny was the worst guest ive ever seen. blocked the best parts of the show by not shutting up. jeremiah gave him a hint, but he forget the next minute. he was so annoying

  12. My gf is mad at me. Here I am , " kill tony is the best, let's watch!" I finally convince her. Out of every possible choice I pick this piece of shit episode. My God , he would not shut up. Now I'll never get her to watch this with me ever again 🙁

  13. For months they have been promoting this fucking horrible episode. Turns out, he was super fucking annoying and very un-funny. What kinda fucking shills are Redban and Tony? lmao. "Yeah lets get someone famous, we don't even know if they're funny, but if it gets more people in the crowed and gives us more popularity, we're all guuud :]" Fucking disappointed in Glass Eye'd Skeleton and Big Man Baby.

    You guys can do better than this.

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