1. For months they have been promoting this fucking horrible episode. Turns out, he was super fucking annoying and very un-funny. What kinda fucking shills are Redban and Tony? lmao. "Yeah lets get someone famous, we don't even know if they're funny, but if it gets more people in the crowed and gives us more popularity, we're all guuud :]" Fucking disappointed in Glass Eye'd Skeleton and Big Man Baby.

    You guys can do better than this.

  2. My gf is mad at me. Here I am , " kill tony is the best, let's watch!" I finally convince her. Out of every possible choice I pick this piece of shit episode. My God , he would not shut up. Now I'll never get her to watch this with me ever again 🙁

  3. danny was the worst guest ive ever seen. blocked the best parts of the show by not shutting up. jeremiah gave him a hint, but he forget the next minute. he was so annoying

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